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Washington visit

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Our visit was great. It seems forever ago already…

Diederick did marvelously on the plane! I was so thankful! You know how it seems like there’s always a baby crying hysterically the whole flight? That wasn’t my baby! :D Not only was he cooperative, he slept nearly the whole time. When he was awake he would just look around at all the people. The flight attendants just thought he was the greatest! They were very helpful–holding him when I needed to get seated or eat. A blessing indeed that that all went well.

Philip picked us up somewhere between 4 and 5pm…He was a bit late due to traffic. Seeing Phip again was very cool…
We stopped along the way to visit our old neighbors Ken and Merry. They especially enjoyed meeting little boy because they’d met me when I was even younger than him!

At about 8 we reached the Taron house. Phip drove up the back road so no one would see us coming. We came in without knocking. It was just like coming home late with Phip back when he’d pick me up from my evening class. My mom was reading in the living room, dad was busy in his office and the kids were upstairs. My mom said, “Where were you guys…I was so worried” just like she’d said many times past when we got home later than she’d expected us. Seeing everyone was every bit as wonderful as I’d imagined.
Diederick and I slept very well that night and woke up with the sun. I changed him and came upstairs. I got to have coffee with my mom and read the comics as I ate my breakfast cereal! hehe

Every minute of our time with my family was great. I only wish it could have lasted longer. I tried my very best to remember everything that happened…Everything. But it did go by it a whirl. I always anticipated that being married would mean leaving home; I just wasn’t as ready for it as I thought that I would be. Before I knew it Diederick and I were loaded up in the car again and headed for Seattle. My dad drove us to Phip’s house where we stayed for a couple hours before driving to the airport. As we got on the plane heading to Minneapolis I was feeling so nauseous and light headed that I could barely walk! Darren called and when I told him about it he suggested I drink coffee–that helped imencely!

Meeting Darren at the airport took me back to the time when we first met. :) The drive from the airport in Conneticut to our place in Vermont is nearly two hours long. We stopped half way for breakfast. Sitting there eating breakfast with Darren early Friday morning I thought to myself how glad I was to be back. I only wishing that my homes were closer together. Perhaps someday they will be

the game

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Two guys teaching Deeder how to use the remote and which team to cheer for…

“Men own the remote, Di”


Diederick, Darren and I were invited over to Lynn’s for Thanksgiving Dinner. Everything was scrumptious! Afterward Lynn’s son and son-in-law sat down to watch the football game on TV.

Good Times

Sunday, November 19th, 2006


My Mom, Gramma Momma, with my son, Diederick.


My Dad, Grandpa Papa, with Diederick


Auntie Sarah with Deeder


Uncle Mitch with baby boy


Auntie Teesey with Deeder

Auntie Dubie with Diederick

Auntie Cadety with tired baby boy :)


I don’t know why I don’t have a picture of Lyd holding Deeder! You did get a turn, didn’t you Biddy?


Uncle Sef with Diederick the drool monster (taken from Mom’s blog)

The only picture I have of Seth and Deeder is this one…


Heh. :)

Here’s my favorite one of Mitch with Diederick…


P.S Sorry about the red eye, everyone! I don’t know how to fix it on Photo Editor :P

train ride

Monday, November 6th, 2006










At the butterfly sanctuary

Monday, November 6th, 2006