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Day 2 and a 1/2

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007


Today is day and a half of packing.

I say half because we started taking things over Monday at midnight.
Darren got quite a bit of our things to the other house.

The all-we-have-left-to-do list includes the following:

Move the bed from storage into the house (queen size bed),

Move the two dressers out of our current house to the new place,

Move the couch from Lynn’s suite to the new house.

Finish packing the rest of our things from the apartment to the new house.

Today I plan to clean the refrigerator, clean the bathroom,
pack during Diederick’s nap time, scrub the kitchen floor, shampoo the carpet.

Tonight is supposed to be our last night at Lynn’s but it wont be.

I’m excited to get organized at the new house…it’ll be a long process.

Darren’s been just dumping things as he brings things over. :(

Anyways, wish me the best!!

On The Move

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Diederick used to spend many happy moments swinging to mellow land giving me the opportunity
to get housework done or take a shower. Though he wont sit in the swing anymore he still enjoys it,
often spening time underneath laying on his back kicking the swing back and forth.

This stage is already becoming a thing of the past…unlike a couple weeks ago he no longer
finds moving the swing with his feet very interesting. He prefers rolling and squiggling back and forth.
Rolling under the swing is painful as he always bumps his head on the swing legs.

His precrawl squiggles…

I’m looking forward to having the extra floor space for him to move around on at our new house!!

Reading Time

Friday, February 23rd, 2007


I wonder what babies think about when they look at books?

Are they just thinking about the great possibilities of crumpling and ripping?

Deeder’s too little to care about having the words read to him.


down to the wire

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007


Diederick is officially entered the stage of Dangerously-Into-Everything!

This morning when I was in the kitchen making coffee I heard this terrible
coughing choking sound coming from the living room.

I rushed in and found him making that gag face trying to cough something up.
His fists were full of that stringy stuff that unraveling carpet has.

He didn’t really have much of it in his mouth, just enough for it to feel icky in his throat.
This is just the beginning! From now on I’ll have to keep a very close eye on him!

You know what the weird thing is?? He doesn’t even crawl yet.


And of course here he is finding the computer cords.

New House!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007


The front as seen from the road


The covered porch will be nice for summer


Heidi will live in the garage


Coming in the back door you right away see the washer and dryer

…adjacent to this back entry hall is the kitchen






Stairs that lead up to the four bedrooms and full bath

Room One:


Second Room:


Third Room:


Forth Room:


Hall upstairs between room one and two, bathroom at the top of stairs


And here’s the bathroom…


I had to take a picture of the tub because Darren hates it!
It’s not as terrible as it could be…


Heading downstairs here…

I’m so glad that there is a safe looking railing separating the hall and steep stairs.

I’m going to have to find a pretty good baby gate for the top and bottom of the steep stairs.


This hall is what you see coming in from the front door:
It’s the connection between our house and the investing company,
It also has the downstairs half bath and a coat closet


Well that’s about it. Much larger than what we’re currently in.

There is also a finished attic…whatever that means! I haven’t been up there yet.

The land lady said that the former renters used it as a dark room for their photography hobby.