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I knew I should have

Thursday, March 29th, 2007


I knew I should have tried something new.

In one of my ECE classes the last quarter before I graduated I remember having an assignment where we had to go do some activity we had never done because we were afraid to do it for some reason or another. We had to write up how the experience made us feel, you know…brought out the inner child and how we were able to combat the fear. Our teacher warned us to not do anything outlandish. She offered an example from the first year she’d given this assignment…

One woman went sky diving because she’d never done it because she was afraid she’d die! And all for a three credit class! Hah! All that money that it takes to go sky diving. Anyway, yeah.

My mom urged me to take a taequondo class, it’s free for the first time. If you know me, you know that I’ll probably never be mature enough to try something that I think will make me look rediculous, even if I look rediculus in front of people whom I’ll probably never see again.

I got a B on this assignment, btw.

Yes, there is a point to this story…

I say that I should have tried something new because all that they have around here is something new. Er, things I’ve never done because I feel that I’d look stupid.

Belly dancing anyone? No?

Karate? Taequondo?

Maybe some Yoga? Well, the kind of yoga that’s a religion.

Darren thinks that I should take up bicycle riding. If you know me, you know that I couldn’t do that!!

Oh! Other than those previously mentioned physical fitness options there’s a Curves studio. How’s that sound? I always thought Curves was for old ladies, but in despiration I did call them. No childcare.

Should I try some scary physical activity? I could just stick to walking. But it’s boring!

Yeah, ok…I’ll be quiet now. But really! Why doesn’t this town have a normal fitness center?

Thank You, Auntie Teesey!

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Thanks for the cute Carters pjs, T!


Maybe by the time we all go to CALIFORNIA (!!!!) they’ll fit


For now I’ll just admire the completely lovely cuteness!


Naturally, Deeder’s fav part was the tags.


Springs On The Way

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Hear spinning wheels outside?

Well, perhaps you’re about to begin your day the same way we did.

Due to the defrost, snow, defrost, snow and all over again weather cycle that we’ve been in the lawns are pretty mucky! The lawns are mucky and the driveways are small rivers of mud. In fact, sometimes where the parking lot ends and the grass begins isn’t quite as obvious as it should be.


Yes, that’s right…a poor guy just missed the pavement. Darren had almost gotten him pushed out when the mailman came along and suggested that he go back into the mud to straighten the car out. The mailman muttered a profanity then said that he had to get back to his route. He’s a good guy though and came back later to see how everything was working out.

After all attempts to push, pull or otherwise get the car out of the muck Darren made a trip to Wal Mart for a rope. He pulled the Subaru Outback guys car with just a couple tries! Why didn’t they do that in the first place? Eventually the effort of pulling and pushing did pay off and I guess that’s the part that matters. The Subaru guy is getting a new investments agent and going to the carwash. And our land lady is mad because her lawn looks more like a pigsty than a lawn.

Deeder got to watch the whole show.

Infact, he even made a new friend!


And check this out, people

This is like the second picture that I have of the three of us together! Maybe I should have people get stuck in our driveway more often!


Too bad we were all such a mess! This pic reminds me of a photo shoot a while back with another dog

Yep. Happy Spring

Let the games begin!

Monday, March 26th, 2007

In just two months Deeder will officially be a toddler!

He’s just started with the bumps and bruises stage. As with nearly every child this begins with the gumption to test his physical strength! Here’s an example:

Parent snaps picture, proudly believing that child has finally learned to stand…
This picture is to be put in the baby book and shown to Daddy as soon as he gets home from work…


The reality:
Everything that goes up…

Must come down.

Cool, no?

Monday, March 26th, 2007


I had to share this picture I took a while back of the sidewalk snowplower thing.

When we have snow this weird looking contraption comes and clears the sidewalks through town twice daily.

As often as possible I take advantage of this–the only days that Deeder and I don’t get out are the really rainy ones, like today.