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   Apr 29

those hard cookie things

Diederick experienced the wonderfully chewy-ness of zweiback cookies today. I think in the end he melted it to death with all of his slobber! Oh boy did he ever have fun :P He’d even laugh at the impossibility of chewing through the silly thing. He’d take the cookie out of his mouth, look at it […]

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   Apr 28

Sef: Just Another Weirdo

I’ve just added my eleven year old brother Seth’s blog to my Blogroll. Do check it out! He’s writing a really cool story, not to be missed! He just started a few days ago, I hope he keeps it up! :D (What’s with the blog title though??)

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   Apr 27

April Showers

Deeder after our afternoon walk today: rain2.jpg We’ve had a lot of rain these past two days, it’s been enough to bring life to the daffodils and color up the grass a little.

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   Apr 25

That wasn’t supposed to happen

Today he pulled himself up successfully for the first time ever. Within the last week or so he’s been getting from his belly to sitting, and of course getting into stuff that’s within reach of his baby on belly stance. He was reaching for something in that shelf thing on wheels that I have (it’s […]

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   Apr 21


My in laws sent Deeder some DDH gear today! When choosing Deeder’s name it was imperative to find a name that would give him the initials DDH as it is a family tradition, Darren and his dad Dale both have those initials

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