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May 31st, 2007

Thursday, May 31st, 2007



It’s just one of those cool fluke that stuck.

You know when you are picking a user name in the process of signing up for some internet service and you think of something totally unique then when you hit enter it turns out that you have add some long digit tacked on to your brilliantly picked ID? Well all of that ended for me when Oraeley was born!

Perhaps if the Laura’s of the world noticed that their name in pig latin mushed with double talk is or-ah-el-ay we’d have more Oraeley people.
Until that day comes, I’m unique! It’s all I’ve got :P

Well, if I’m not already sounding like some psycho split personality yet here, let me continue

Today is’s second anniversary!!! Woot :P So happy anniversary, me. :) Yeh, I know, I’m the only one who cares!

Must tack on a picture of my Mr Hot Stuff….


another day in the life

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

And my eyes are tired, and my kitchens not clean.

All I feel like doing is having a cup of something refreshing, plumping my butt down on the nearest chair and blogging.

Here’s a few pictures from the day:


The tray was set on the floor while I was wiping down his highchair seat. He climbed on and started scooting himself around.

Second picture,


Deeder meets the potty. Or should I say, the giant hand splashing dish. :) Thankfully this toilet is not frequented and was cleaned yesterday.

Lately a significant number of my pictures feature Diederick eating. In this one he’s busy gobbling down cottage cheese.


I took his shirt off because it was drenched with his drink which had mushed up miscellaneous stuff caked to it.
Is it normal to spoon food onto a babies tray and let them pick it up in handfuls? Deeder loves this! You’d think that I’d learn to put bibs on him.

ant problems

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Any tips on getting rid of ants?

Ok, it could be worse, but I do hate ants in the house.


At the B&B last summer we got ants. Lynn had professional bug killer people come and put goopy grey poison stuff around the house. That sure did the trick! I even had dead ants falling through the fan in the bathroom – yuck!

Obviously I don’t have that as an option here.
But it’s quite annoying constantly finding them, it’s an all day thing…they show up all over the house.
I found Deeder chasing one, he was doing his weird and incredibly cute gleeful laugh, well until I squished it. He could have eaten it!!

Dining with Deeder

Monday, May 28th, 2007


My little boy had a voracious apetite yesterday. Usually he’s a “snacker” wanting little more than the amount of food supplied in one jar of baby food.

Yes, I know What to Expect says that you’re only supposed to introduce one new food every 3 to 5 days. But, I was so excited by his increased desire to eat that I fed him a few new things. :P

We began the day with oatmeal (he refused his baby oatmeal so I let him share mine)

The new items:
He had refried beans (per Aidan’s recommendation), cottage cheese, carrots (diced).

The refried beans were good, he loved the cottage cheese, and thought the carrots were quite strange indeed.
I also gave him pasta, and yogurt, cheese, cherrios and zweiback toast. Yogurt and cheese probably tie for favs, I think I’ve mentioned that before.


“Free Stuff”

Saturday, May 26th, 2007


Check out what Deeder and I found in a big cardboard box this afternoon!


The box was marked, “Free Stuff” in Sharpy’s red pen. The box also had an old fax machine and a jack o lantern trick-or-treat basket in it. Next to the box was propped an old rusty bike. When we walked by a second time the bike and fax machine were gone, I almost brought the jack o lantern home, it looked so lonely in that big box all by itself!


Yes, yes, I know Diederick is filthy…He had a lovely long bath tonight, clean as a whistle now!