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Not thinking of a good title, hmm

Friday, June 29th, 2007

So I was planning to take Deeder swimming today.

Yesterday we went around 4:45. I actually waited for it to cool down to 80 degrees! Boy, what a hot day. When we got there the water was nice and warm from being under the sun all day. And everyone was leaving, which is great when you have a little kid like Deeder. How more perfect could it be? Well, Deeder didn’t agree! He didn’t want to sit in the sprinklers and protested when I tried to take him in the little pool on my lap. It was so funny! He was try climbing up my body in an attempt to get out of the water. Holding him at arms length and bobbing him up and down wasn’t fun for him like it was the last time, he just walked to the side and tried to step out.

I know you wont believe this, but it’s true…
On a couple occassions looking at me in despiration he shivered and said, “cold cold cold” it was clear enough that a lady noticed and remarked on his ability to speak at such a young age. “Wow, he must be just like seven months old, right?”

It wasn’t cold. Anyway, I’m totally amazed! How’d he learn that word? And what it means too. Kind of like the time he said “I did it”. Perfectly clear and placed appropriately.

Deeder’s napping right now, I put him down around 3. It’s time to make dinner, I’m just not sure what I’m in the mood for. I woke up about an hour ago feeling soo dizzy and nauseous! This is the third day it’s happened. I’m seeking to remedy this by drinking loads and loads of water and eating regularly. I so hate feeling this way, especially when the weather’s beautiful!

Oh! This morning Darren (oh the sweetness of him) took Deeder and I shopping. I got Super Baby Food for Deeder and The Healthy Baby Meal Planner as a gift for Lena’s 1st birthday tomorrow.

I’ll write about the party tomorrow. Darren and I agreed that we’re not staying more than two hours :P

Picture for the day


Taken yesterday at the play equipment after our swimming attempt :)

Finger Prints

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I’m always mentioning Deeder and my morning story time together. But I’m not sure if I’ve shared any pics, here are some that I thought were especially cute from this morning


Taking the books off their shelf


Reading about Super Cat…Why do babies read upside down?


I renewed Super Cat from the library, he’s not quite done loving it yet.


I love how he throws back his head when he laughs, it’s so funny!


He carefully looks at each page, even the ones that aren’t board books :)


We haven’t quite learned how to pick up books, just take them out! What matters right now is that he’s interested.


What’s up with the “Finger Prints” title?
Yesterday I found myself cleaning greasy prints off the window. It was the window by the couch where he stands every afternoon to watch Daddy head out the driveway to work. He also spends time standing up on his tip toes watching the birds at our outdoor bird feeder. He laughs to see them fighting over the seed.

Is my little boy really growing up? Sometimes I don’t see it that way. It’s like he’s always been here, my little friend who keeps me sane. He keeps the lonelies away and joy in my life. Next month my little boy’s going to be a whole year old…Where’s the time gone?

Ergo pictures

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

OK, here’s some Ergo pics I took this evening:


Random note: that house behind us isn’t ours!


Should it be that close up under his armpits? It leaves red marks from rubbing…I must be doing something wrong! Perhaps his arms are supposed to be under the straps.

Arm under the strap. When I do this he puts the other over, I guess otherwise he feels like he’s sinking too low.


Picture taken in the bathroom mirror :P


Looks pretty good, huh?

Renee, I still haven’t gotten the hang of putting him on my back. Your suggestions did help though, I’ll put pics up of that once I’m able!

And just for fun…

My little boy is really into climbing the stairs! Sorry for the poor lighting.

Isn’t his self encouraging talk totally cute??

Btw, Deeder and his lime green swim trunks were adorable at the pool this morning. He found the whole water park pool experience quite different and a tad bit surprising. Within about half an hour he’d become somewhat acclimated to it–I was so proud of him splashing around in the kitty pool. Pictures will hopefully be taken on our next water excursion. Thursday we may go to the lake, and Saturday is Lena’s pool party–I’ve said we’d go to that. So yeah.

The weather was just as hot as it was supposed to be, 98 as a high. We didn’t go to the park until 8pm

I got a few cute pics at the park, but I’ve already been on the computer longer than I meant to be!! Maybe tomorrow morning :P

A Day With Deeder

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Today was one of those days when I love Deeder even more than usual…

How can this not make your heart instantly full of happiness?


Not only was he sporting his biggest “I love you, Mom” smile and laughing he was jumping up and down :) I picked him up, gave him a big hug and headed downstairs for my much needed coffee. No matter how happy you are to be greeted by someone so cute, 5:30 is early. After muffin and juice breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed and read, then played for a while until his 10:30 snooze time.

Deeder’s really into playing in the hall, with whatever is currently waiting to be stowed away in the attic.

Here’s a video of him playing with a huge speaker of Daddy’s. Man is that thing ever impossible to lift! Deeder’s Fisher Price swing, and the baby gate. The baby gate isn’t headed to the attic, it’s just hanging out :P

Today was very warm, 85 I believe. Tomorrow the high is 95 F. We’re going swimming! Perhaps going to the pool for the first time on such a hot day is stupid, but I don’t care. That’s just to hot to not go :)

So around 7pm, after dinner, we went to the park.

It was totally empty, I guess everyone was having bbqs with their fams or at the pool.
I took loads of pictures at the swings


then took Deeder over to the play equipment so that he could go on the slide.

He loves sliding :)
The “icky” face is a reaction to the static electricity that all slides have. He thinks it’s weird!
So then I thought it’d be cute to take a picture of him on the play equiment so I sat him up there and…dead camera! Maybe next time I’ll capture him!

Really cool that I put him up there because I found out that he loves climping over the bridge and up and down the platforms, quite scary for my mommy nerves! Anyway, he loved it any protested my trying to put him back in the stroller. If he’d had his way we’d still be there.

A couple black and white pictures, just because I’m really into that right now.




There’s nothing like a baby over flowing in happiness to make a day beautiful and perfect.

Video from swinging:

Ok, I just posted more pics than I meant to :P And yes, I know the lighting in the last b&w is especially bad. I still love the picture!

Toodles for now. Time for dishes and laundry, yeah, at 10:45pm. No wonder I’m tired all day :P

I did it!

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

I bought the Ergo

Before buying it I put it on and off a number of times at the store and walked around town for an hour to see how it felt.
I’ve been dreaming of Ergo for so long that I knew I’d purchase it even if there were things I didn’t like…

So here it is, my detailed pros and cons analysis.

Cons first:
1. It’s hard, and dangerous to get a child Deeder’s size on your back. The lady who helped us said that it’s all a matter of practice, eventually the child knows how it’s done and can move across your back and put their leg through the proper strap. Maybe she’s right, Deeder and I have seen a number of kids riding on their mom’s backs so it is certainly do-able.
Renee, any comments on that? Dor, did you put Amos in the Ergo in this position when he was around Deeder’s size (19 lbs)?

2. I don’t like how the strap that is meant to fasten around my waist rides. To properly support Deeder’s butt the strap needs to be fastened pretty tightly around me, riding right under my ribs instead of around my waist. This rubbing is extremely annoying and would prevent me from using it for any significant length of time, completely defeating the purpose. If I can’t figure out a way to remedy this problem I’ll have to return it. This baby has to totally be worth $92!!

If I do loosen the strap, allowing the bottom of the waist band to rest right above my hips Deeder feels insecure–this is a kid who will put up with just about anything! He models all the carriers and slings in the store beautifully! They ought to hire him on as a full time employee–great with people, helpful and friendly :)


I love the shoulder straps! The pressure is completely taken off the upper back and neck which is great! This can’t be fully appreciated until you’ve carried your kid around in a metal frame backpack for as many hours as I have. That being said, I do have to add that the Kelty Kids carrier has many positive things–it’s not all bad!

The wireless frame of the Ergo makes for a comfortable ride for it’s occupant. When I had the waist strap tight around me Deeder fell asleep within five minutes of being put in :) The straps are cotton and generously padded. Speaking of sleeping, the Ergo carrier has a hide away hood that you can put on the baby to hold his head secure as he sleeps.

The straps can be loosened and tighted easily while being worn, this is nice–cuts down on sizing guess work.

Before Deeder’s noon nap with went to the park using the Ergo, he did just fine.
Maybe when I want the DVD on using the Ergo I’ll learn what I’m doing wrong with the waist strap. Perhaps I’m just too fat around the middle!

Anyway, there’s my detailed pictureless long analysis of my Ergo :)

I’ve misplaced my camera again :P