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   Jun 29

Not thinking of a good title, hmm

So I was planning to take Deeder swimming today. Yesterday we went around 4:45. I actually waited for it to cool down to 80 degrees! Boy, what a hot day. When we got there the water was nice and warm from being under the sun all day. And everyone was leaving, which is great when […]

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   Jun 27

Finger Prints

I’m always mentioning Deeder and my morning story time together. But I’m not sure if I’ve shared any pics, here are some that I thought were especially cute from this morning Taking the books off their shelf Reading about Super Cat…Why do babies read upside down? I renewed Super Cat from the library, he’s not […]

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   Jun 26

Ergo pictures

OK, here’s some Ergo pics I took this evening: Random note: that house behind us isn’t ours! Should it be that close up under his armpits? It leaves red marks from rubbing…I must be doing something wrong! Perhaps his arms are supposed to be under the straps. Arm under the strap. When I do this […]

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   Jun 25

A Day With Deeder

Today was one of those days when I love Deeder even more than usual… How can this not make your heart instantly full of happiness? Not only was he sporting his biggest “I love you, Mom” smile and laughing he was jumping up and down :) I picked him up, gave him a big hug […]

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   Jun 24

I did it!

I bought the Ergo Before buying it I put it on and off a number of times at the store and walked around town for an hour to see how it felt. I’ve been dreaming of Ergo for so long that I knew I’d purchase it even if there were things I didn’t like… So […]

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