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“Are you happy

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

…about this pregnancy?”

That’s what my midwife asked me after opening my file and scanning over it’s contents. “Dietrich, is what? 13 months now?” Heheh..I’m still wondering why everyone calls him Dietrich, even when reading my spelling.

Yeah, I’m so totally psyched! Hmmm, no. I opted for something more mature sounding, “Yes, I’m so happy about it!” Her face brightened…

“Oh well good then! I love when moms have babies close in age, it’s just so great” Boy I was happy to see her smiling, I think I’m going to schedule all of my appointments with her. She asked about Deeder’s health and my medication. I promised I would call my neurologist and get some blood tests scheduled for my lamictal levels. I’m good at that, I had blood draws every month, and then every two weeks in the end of my last trimester with Deeder.

At the end of our meeting she gave me a hug and told me that this would be lots of fun. “It’s like getting together with an old friend!” Ah yes, thank you. I think I’m in the right place.

I liked that this meeting was all about talking about how I’m feeling even what I would change if I could rewrite my experience with Deeder’s prenatal care and delivery.

On August 14th I go in again for my physical. I hate that! Oh well, it’s got to be done I guess. My favorite beginning prenatal care is when the baby is old enough to have it’s heartbeat detected. Wowie is that ever cool!

In Trouble!

Monday, July 30th, 2007


Deeder caught his pointer finger in the lazysusan while I was busy reading Renee’s blog this afternoon. Heh heh.

(Yep, I’m addicted to blogging–reading in the middle of the day!)

He was whimpering with his hand at the bottom corner of the lazy susan, I thought he was reaching for something under the cupboard, perhaps a dropped rice cake? And was unable to reach it. When the whimpering continued I had a closer look, the poor little boy had his finger firmly stuck. I freed his fingers and picked him up in a hug. He didn’t dare cry for a few seconds, expecting a reprimand I’m sure! I gave him a couple of arnica tablets, a kiss on his finger and a drink from his tippy.


I was reminded of the time one of my younger sibings stapled their finger! Mom, do you remember who that was?? Whomever did it, perhaps to remain unnamed, had been curious about the stapler and had been told not to touch it. Curious, he or she stuck their finger in where only paper belongs and closed it. Was it Seth? He came over to my mom who was sitting at her desk and said, “Um, Mommy? I think I have a problem here?” I doubt he got a spanking for it, the owy-ness was punishment enough for disobeying!


You know how Deeder loves going down stairs backwards? Well today he crawled backwards off the stoep, if you take the stairs there are five steps. Poor kiddo! Thankfully he landed on his little rump, not his head!!
It was all my fault…I should have been watching him more carefully. I was lifting the stroller out of the house and he followed me out. He was probably right behind me, since I was on the stairs he assumed that there must be another flight adjacent to the ones he’d used in the past. I felt dreadful and so did he!


We had a fun filled day, to the Carters Outlet, to the Sports goods store, to the co-op and to our favorite natural parenting place. Oh, we also went to Burger King. Yep, I let him eat fries. The only other time he’s had them was in the Minneapolis airport when we were going to see my fam in Washington. It’s a little disturbing how much he likes their ‘food’. It was a great day because whenever we’d get done somewhere the bus would just happen to be nearby. We got a ride downtown from Darren, a bus ride to Carters, then a bus ride home. Lovely!


Now here I am. It’s 9:57. Deeder had his bath at 7:30 and was to sleep by 8. I napped for a whole hour and am now going to make dinner for Darren. I think he’s going to have a stuffed green pepper, I seem to remember he liked those last time I made them. Oh well! Even if he doesn’t I’m sure he’ll eat it, just to be nice :P


Tomorrow morning is my first OB visit for Little One. I think I’ll wear one of my new shirts, blow dry my hair and put on some concealer under my tired eyes, if I’m looking particularly lousy I might add some lip gloss–might make me look more alive! All this just incase I see the midwife who told me to wait a year and a half before getting pregnant a second time. Am I weird?


Yes, I’m weird. I just put up a series of pictures staring Deeder’s basket entry and exit trick! He can spend hours getting in and out of the basket, you’d think he’d get frustrated with how he barely fits in but he loves it. Weird kid.


Monday, July 30th, 2007


Today we visited Shawn and Tammy in some town in Massachusetts. Can you tell I’m not the one in charge of driving? I often don’t remember details! Anyway, the yahoomaps directions led us astray so we felt really lucky to have made it there on time…it would stink to drive an hour and forty-five minutes only to be late.

After church we went over to lunch with Shawn and Tam to the Ibarra’s house (they used to go to the same church we did in Albany). It was grand! I meant to take pictures but forgot I had my camera until after Shawn, Tam and Jode left for their house.
Deeder got to play with the Ibarra’s six kids!! He loved getting into all their stuff in the house and eating lunch at their table. Since they don’t have a highchair he got to stand up in the chair next to me, and eat his brocali and rice with his hands. He thought that this way rocked! The party really began when he got to play outside in their dusty backyard, boy did he ever have a ball.

Not just because he got to crawl around and get dirty, bu they let him use this truck which he really enjoyed. He’d sit in it, beep the horn and graciously allow people to push him around! When he’d had enough he would either stand on the seat and put his leg over the side, or get on the ground and try to sloop out the bottom! Heh! What a smarty.

(that’s the best and the worst picture I got of Isabel, their youngest)

Darren and I both enjoyed seeing friends from our old church, just nice to catch up on things! It’s tough to stay in touch when they live all the way in Albany and the guys have different work schedules.

We’re planning, or hoping to plan, on them coming to visit us in Vermont before they move to Michigan in January.

Oh, then there was our little adventure after leaving…

Darren had put on the emergency brake when we went to the Ibarras because he parked on a hill. When we got back in the car we found that it was stuck. Ha ha. We drove all the way to Troy with it beeping, I guess that’s its warning signal for you to disengage the break. Boy, how annoying!! Once he found a place to park he got out and tried to get the thing unstuck, after a few minutes of messing around he got it but doesn’t know what he did. Oh well :)

I got really sick on the drive home, two hours and dark on the twisty turny roads makes me crazy. My head and stomach hurt so much I could hardly believe it! I kept telling myself that throwing up would be stupid because I’d have to clean it up myself, and thankfully it didn’t happen. Yep, I’m glad we don’t do that every week. We were home by 9:45pm.

In conclusion, all three of us Harrs had a super time. :) The food was great, thanks Tam and Jode! And it was good to see and talk to you all again.

OK, that’s all I have to say…Good night, I’m going back to bed :) I guess it’s technically Monday now. Officially though, people, this is my Sunday post!

Crocs from Kayla

Saturday, July 28th, 2007


Thanks, Auntie Teesey! They’re too big now, but I’m sure they’ll fit by next spring or so. He loves chewing on them…I think thought I was weird for putting them on his feet :)





I hope you like the pictures, these are the best I was able to get :P

Oh and he loves the card, he crawls around with it in his hand :) Then he’ll sit with it open in front of him as if it were a storybook.



Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Dieter. A classic German name (it rhymes with Peter) that parents in search of an exotic but traditional choice may want to consider. Dietrich is a related possibility.”

Heh! Whatdya know about that? :D

I guess people that spell Diederick’s name “Dietrich” aren’t so weird afterall.

My whole nine months of pregnancy with my little Deeder were spent looking for a reasonable “D” baby name. It needed to be D for the Harr family–my husband is Darren Dale, his dad is Dale Daniel. I had thought of Dylan, but many of the kids who come to Darren’s work are named Dylan, Dillon or some other spelling of the name so that wouldn’t do.

We found the name Diederick on an internet site for German baby names, I was a week away from my due date.

Often people say, “Hmm, that’s interesting” when I tell them Deeder’s name. But it’s so perfect for him…that’s usually how it is, kids grow into their names. Or their names grow into them?


I’m not sure about Shepherd though, that’s a name Darren’s thinking he likes for if we have a boy!