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Oh the Curves! my oh my

Friday, August 31st, 2007


These random pictures are of Deeder yesterday. He love being on the counter!! And of course the couch looking out the window.
As you can see, he’s very very pleased when he feels that he’s in control of the situation.
In the case of the counter, something that he knows really should be against the rules!


I live in Vermont where just about every road that’s been made is curvy. I don’t know why really…

Maybe the trees-have-rights people had something to do with it, either that or the road makers were too lazy to level the ground a bit and hack down trees! So why am I writing about this?

We spent four hours out of our day off driving–and all in the name of savings! And I’m still feeling sick. Oh man!
But there’s nothing that gives Darren more pleasure than saving money, I betcha if you added the gas cost to the grocery receipt it would end up at least equaling what I spend at the local store on food. Now if this were Darren’s blog he’d type out the whole receipt and have you comment on items and how low the costs were! He said that he wants me to go to where I usually shop and find all of what he picked out at the discount store, then I’d realize the mega savings and appreciate the savings like he does!


Are any of you other people bargain hunters? I don’t remember my mom ever being. To save money she would do lots of cooking/baking at home rather than buying prepared food. I remember that they had a huge freezer and would buy half a cow from time to time–rather than buying ground beef or steak for individual dinners! How many loaves of bread did you make a week, Mom?

Since I hate the curves on the drive to Darren’s favorite store, he’s settled for going just once a month. If I’m lucky, I get him to be happy just going once a month…oh the sneaky-ness of Laura-Lou! If I continue to put yummy meals on the table I think he’s less apt to suggest our going out there.


If you’re wondering how much we bought, I’ll tell ya. We got two carts full and spent $200.

For being so cooperative Darren took me out for a yummy milkshake! OK, maybe he just got it for me because he knows I like icecream. And it did help me feel better. Sometimes having brain freeze is nice! Nice Darren took Deeder out to the Dollar Store while I took a nap, that was helpful. He buys rewards to the kids at his work bought from there! His work gives him about twenty bucks every once in awhile to pick up a few cheap things to hand out to kids who show a bit of good behavior.


By the time the guys got home I had the food put away and was ready to bathe Diederick. :)

He likes long car rides and going shopping–that’s a nice thing!
We let him stand up in the grocery cart at the discount store, he thought that rocked!

OK folks, nice reader people, there’s my ramble of a Friday post. Yeah, goodnight.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYD! I didn’t forget! Darren’s just being a phone hog right now…I’ll wish you happy birthday on Facebook! Dude. 14, huh? Boy, I thought I was grown up at that age. You sure are a lovely :)


Isn’t my floral wallpaper great? NOT! But so perfectly applied–someone must have had loads of practice. I do prefer paint myself.

Becoming Baby

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Deeder is stuck in transition between big boy and baby.
Sometimes he melts into a pool of frustration on the floor, crying because he can’t get himself to walk for more than a few steps.

Once all the streams of tears running down his face stop he wants to come for stuggles. I love the snuggles and hate to see him so frustrated all at once.
Should I try to help him figure out walking as you would with a baby learning to roll over? He doesn’t really dig the idea of having help–he’ll swat your hand away if you try to reach out and support him! Just another part of growing up! He wants to feel like he’s doing it all himself.

Deeder’s diet is the same way. He wants crunchy veggies and meat to eat, the next he’ll only eat gooshy fruit and rice with milk! Yes, I cook up brown rice and put milk in it. Sometimes I think that I’m creating a picky eater with being so flexible for him, but since he’s the only one that I have to take care of it sort of just happens that way.

Any thoughts on food? I know I’ve asked before! While he does have favorites, I make sure to alternate what I have available so that he’ll have to eat other things.

Today was a stay-at-home day. Which we next to never do! The temperature was high again and it was pretty muggy out, so I decided I’d rather stay in the air conditioned house.
Deeder spent most of the day upstairs in his room entertaining himself. I took the futon off it’s wooden frame because its so dusty and musty (second hand). Deeder is loving climbing on the frame, it’s like a jungle gym for him! I haven’t gotten any pictures yet.

We took Heidi dog out for a walk just before bedtime. Deeder loves her!
So goodbye Thursday.

Tomorrow is Daddy’s day off. I’m not sure what he’s planning to do…I’m game for anything! I just love having another grown up around. Especially if it’s my dear hubby!

Like the new header? My lovely blogger friend Wendy did it for me!! So if you’re wanting a jazzy header I’m sure she would love to apply herself to creating you a beautiful masterpiece! Right, Wendy?

My Many Faces

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Captions to come during early naptime!


Deeder took his morning nap, slept one hour instead of two. That was OK though…it was enough to get him through family devotions fine! He’s often mad and squiggly for me!


We went to the pet store today, that’s a fun thing to do…Deeder’s only been once before. This one is so packed with supplies and pets that there’s hardly room at all to move a stroller through. We just parked the stroller by the entrance and walked through the store without it.


Don’t tell Darren. But Deeder’s favorite animal to look at were the rats! There was a lady holding one and he was struggling to get over to her and touch it! I’ve never been able to touch rats! I do realize that they are clean animals, the ones raised in captivity. However, they are creepy looking, you have to admit it be you a lover of them or not!
Deeder did a good job stroking it’s fur, giggling in his cute excited way :) The lady said that I ought to buy Deeder a rat when he’s a little older, “About three years old I’d say would be a good time.” Uh, no way!

Oh remember the molerat in Kim Possible? They are real! I thought it was something made up by the cartoon people.

We went through the dollar store, then took the bus back to the transit center where we intended to catch the bus to our house. There was a five minute wait, so we went inside to be with the air conditioning. Guess what…
The bus went right by without stopping! Figures :P He must have been behind schedule and didn’t see anyone standing outside.

Sooo…we went over to the cafe and had steamed milk, a mocha and a slice of carrot cake. My mocha was as good as ever, and Deeder loved his milk. But that cake wasn’t worth 3.50!


As we got out of the cafe the bus pulled up infront of us! Lovely timing :)

On we hopped and were home by 6 something. I fed Deeder and got him to bed an hour early.

So a good end to a grumpy morning.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the temp is supposed to be below 90. I think we may end up going swimming! I’m tired of doing so much walking (We went to Walmart yesterday and the day before that too)

Goodnight, people!


Tuesday, August 28th, 2007


Deeder’s been such a busy boy that I haven’t felt like writing. It’s either blog and have him trying to climb onto my lap or write while he sleeps! These past couple of days I’ve opted for the sleeping when he sleeps thing, it’s very nice. But I miss writing…it’s my much loved social outlet!

Darren and I are trying to have a sit down together meal every morning. He decided that he’d rather have a noon meal than something nice for when he gets home. So far it’s working out, our noon meal has left overs which he eats when he gets home!
This way we get to sit down and eat as a family once a day, and I get to go to bed with Deeder rather than staying up to cook.

Progress with learning to walk is being made…
On Sunday Deeder was showing everyone his recently attained ability to stand alone. I had his clunky boot shoes on him–they help a lot. He was taking two to three steps by himself. Just having the nerve to stand without holding on to furniture is great :)

A Hot One

Friday, August 24th, 2007


Hey isn’t this picture cute? It was at the aquarium in Boston. A bunch of Chinese tourist people were snapping pictures of him too! My natural model boy :D

Today was hot, one of those days that would be perfect for swimming! Well a little humid…
It was foggy the humidity was so high! I guess it’s the last of the summer–gotta go out with a few extra hot days. Can you believe we’re nearing back to school time? I can’t.

Deeder slept through his 3:30 nap time yesterday, never woke up until 8:30 the next morning!

I kept waking up to check that he was still alive. I’ve never known a kid to sleep that many hours straight.

He was so bubbling over with joy this morning!! He was laughing at everything he or we said. It was really funny :)
Oh and people, he’s starting to walk. Today I could tell he’s figuring out how to get his balance.

I am imagining how thrilled he’ll be with himself when he really lets go completely of his push toys, the table legs and people.

His naps were shorter than usual–I was surprised that he even napped at all considering the marathon sleeping he did. Upon waking he was irritable. I fed him and thought what we could do to bring back the smiles. I decided that we ought to go out, but since it was still really hot I thought that the park might be a bad idea.


The bus! We got on in front of the house and took it through the whole route until we were back on our street again. Apparently this was enough socialization for the day because he was happy the rest of the night. He sat quietly looking out the window or shyly glancing at fellow riders. I think it’s way rad that people remember his name! This one lady thought I said his name was Peter–the woman in front of her who got on after I had introduced Deeder said, “No no, the little guy is Dietrick!”

Bath time was at 7:30, we read some Pippo books fell asleep by 8:10 :) Deeder woke up again half an hour ago to have a snack. That was good because I remembered that I needed to heat up some dinner for Darren. He says that he wants me to heat up his german dish every night until it’s gone!

Alrighty then :P I don’t mind that at all. But I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to be the one eating it for a month, I just liked it the first time around.

A nice Friday all in all.

I’m feeling nearly back to my usual self. Nearly done recovering from loosing Little One.

It’s OK if tomorrow is another hot one…
Because it’s Darren’s day off and we can go for a fun drive somewhere. Before we know it the world will be white again and this heat will be sorely missed.


Us on the day in Boston. I had to add it! That was a HOT day, I’d say it was miserable, but Darren was having such a great time! I love when he’s really excited about something :)