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   Aug 31

Oh the Curves! my oh my

These random pictures are of Deeder yesterday. He love being on the counter!! And of course the couch looking out the window. As you can see, he’s very very pleased when he feels that he’s in control of the situation. In the case of the counter, something that he knows really should be against the […]

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   Aug 30

Becoming Baby

Deeder is stuck in transition between big boy and baby. Sometimes he melts into a pool of frustration on the floor, crying because he can’t get himself to walk for more than a few steps. Once all the streams of tears running down his face stop he wants to come for stuggles. I love the […]

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   Aug 29

My Many Faces

Captions to come during early naptime! Deeder took his morning nap, slept one hour instead of two. That was OK though…it was enough to get him through family devotions fine! He’s often mad and squiggly for me! We went to the pet store today, that’s a fun thing to do…Deeder’s only been once before. This […]

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   Aug 28


Deeder’s been such a busy boy that I haven’t felt like writing. It’s either blog and have him trying to climb onto my lap or write while he sleeps! These past couple of days I’ve opted for the sleeping when he sleeps thing, it’s very nice. But I miss writing…it’s my much loved social outlet! […]

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   Aug 24

A Hot One

Hey isn’t this picture cute? It was at the aquarium in Boston. A bunch of Chinese tourist people were snapping pictures of him too! My natural model boy :D Today was hot, one of those days that would be perfect for swimming! Well a little humid… It was foggy the humidity was so high! I […]

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