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Tipsy toes

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Here’s a little bitty video clip of Deeder walking–Eh heh heh.

I think he just needs to have a little more faith in himself! :P
Darren says that it’s just really great that Deeder is trying, I guess he’s right :D

my monkey man

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

He’s getting so good at walking this morning!

No good videos of that yet though.

So for the time being, check this out…

Diederick climbing his changing table! I guess he was just after my coffee cup.

How scary! It sure would hurt to fall off :(
Children just aren’t supposed to climb their tables.

Daddy Rocks!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007


Look what I saw by the tarp out back when I got home! That’s right–it’s a little blonde in a babywalker, my little Deeders!
Oh and he’s wearing pjs and no shoes. In the picture Diederick is intently studying Hiedi do her doggie business.
I would have gotten more pictures of the whole Diederick being outside in his walker thing if the silly ol dog weren’t afraid of cameras! I forgot about her camera fear and nearly made her run into the street.

Nearby was Daddy with a huge smile on his face; I think he knew he’d just successfully pulled off a new thing for Diederick that wouldn’t have happened if I were here! It wouldn’t occurred to me what a great surface the asphalt of the parking lot would make for a walker to move on, or the rich sensory experience in leaving off shoes on a morning after rain.

The whole scene reminded me of this event months ago–same yard, just smaller vehicle driven by much younger driver.


I think it’s the first time Deeder has had mud on his bare feet–what kind of a city slicker am I trying to raise here??? He’s never been really dirty because we live in such a public place, that’s the reason…right?
Deeder came out of the walker shortly after I arrived home from Lynn’s house, not because he wanted to…perhaps he would have stayed in a lot longer if it weren’t time to get lunch ready.


Before I took him out I did watch him there for a while. He moved the walker around quite well–he would run it off the pavement and onto the wet grass, then manage to bump it back up again on to the smoother cruising surface. It’s been ages since Deeder would ride around in his walker–these days he prefers it as a jungle gym most of the time.

So thanks Daddy for giving Deeder such a fun treat! He took a very long nap, and is still in bed at 7:30!

In other news, Deeder and I tried out a new park today.

The park we always go to is getting boring, for me anyway! Deeder is more interested in watching the people using the nearby basketball hoops than he is in climbing.

This other park is the one that is right next door to the pool where we used to hang out. There is a big kid climbing structure and a little kid one–the big one scares me!

OK, that’s my report for today!
The weather is absolutely beautiful.

As I was cleaning up one of my favorite room’s at Lynn’s Bed and Breakfast this morning I was think how great it would be if my mom and dad would come stay here–I’d reserve the very best room for them and take them to all the nicest places around. I guess autumn in Washington is pretty pretty too…but really, Mom and Dad, you ought to take a vacation sometime! Maybe over winter break?

Obeying Daddy

Friday, September 28th, 2007


Darren’s day off was today–it is today I guess, Friday isn’t over yet! :P
I wish my dad had gotten three days off a week like Deeder’s daddy does!
Every other weekend Darren has off and the alternating Wednesday and Friday of every month–the midweek days off are family fun days, Saturdays are free for all and Sundays are church.

Anyway, today I was watching Darren and Deeder’s together. I love their relationship–sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s deeper than mine with the little lad! Well, maybe it’s just different–that sounds nicer!

You moms probably know what I’m talking about.
14 month old Deeder doesn’t squiggle or complain for Darren, he just looks at him and smiles with the most cooperative attitude ever.
An example: we were loading stuff into the trunk of the car, then took Deeder out of the cart and I opened the passenger door to try and put him in his carseat. He screeched at me and arched in his powerful way–the kind where if you try to bend him you worry about breaking his back! I asked Darren to come help and Deeder became another child! He didn’t make one sound of protest or unhappiness.

Thoughout the day I continued to test this obeying Daddy thing by giving Darren all the moments when Deeder put on his angry face–each time he became a little kitten for dad. :)


Watching them play together is loads of fun.
I just sit back and watch hoping to remember forever how it all happened, these days pass so fast.

Right now the boys are upstairs watching cartoons. Deeder has had his bath and is all cuddly in his pjs from GrammaMomma, his teeth are brushed and hopefully he’s ready for a full eight hours of sleep!

Call Ahead

Thursday, September 27th, 2007


We forgot to call ahead. Well, it wasn’t so much that we forgot but that we don’t remember being told to!

I let Deeder make his Get Me Out of Bed sounds for a half of an hour rather than jumping right up to get him because just once it’s nice to lazily wake up. I think his sounds drifted in and out of the fragments of dreamland inside my head…slowly being taken away from me by the sun peeping through my curtains–it wasn’t that I wasn’t answering his calls, I am nice!
With a rub or two to my eyes I remembered my boy and his needing me. Going in to his room I found him sitting down with his back to the door playing with his bear and blanket. He turned to look at me, his eyes said “I thought I’d have a little fun while I waited, slow poke.” Maybe he doesn’t need me after all!

I was still sipping a cup of dark hot caffeine when the digital clock on my oven said 8:03. Deeder was sitting in his highchair finishing the last of his MiniWheat cereal and yogurt. The newspaper was open in front of me to the Calendar section, I was scanning through the children’s activities when I remembered Paula–she has a playgroup today! Darren’s friend from work, Jen, had mentioned going when we saw her on Tuesday at the playgroup. I remember she asked me if Deeder and I would like to go–at least I think I remember. The paper said that it begins at 9:30 on Thursdays–hmm. Time to get dressed Deeder! I rushed him upstairs and put his jeans and a sweatshirt on him then hopped in the shower myself–I smelled yesterday’s clothes and decided that they were OK–you’ll understand when you’re a mom!

So there we were, 9:10 and ready. I imagined Jen would pull in any minute–Deeder and I would come out the door cool as could be, as if we’d remembered about Paula.
9:25–no Jen.
9:28–Darren comes down asking for coffee.
9:29–Darren asks if I called Jen.

Uhhhh nope. Wah.
This has happened before. I think that Darren and Jen talk about and agree on Deeder and I doing something with her and her daughter. Turns out they only talk about things, not make any for sure decisions. I guess that’s fair. But because she’d asked me and she and Darren had talked about it I figured we were going. Wah.

So call ahead!
Darren didn’t understand how I could have thought someone would just show up to pick me up and not have made any confirming plans. Yep–silly me.

Since we were all dressed and everything Deeder and I headed for the park. Dew was still clinging to the grass, to the slide and to the swings–not loads of fun, but still a walk and a getting out.

I looked at the paper more after we got home and saw that the underground play place where we had our first play date with Lena and Tamina is open. Anyway, that’s what the paper told me.

Nice Darren offered to give us a ride on his way to work.

Downtown was packed out! I got Deeder and his backpack out of the car in a hurry so that Darren could get off to his work. Backpack in one hand and Deeder in the other I went down the stairs to the entrance–the door was locked!
Dude I couldn’t believe it!! The sign on the door said, “Opening in September! Come by and see us soon!!!!” Yeah.

Thankfully–for me anyway–Darren was had yet to find success with getting back into traffic. Deeder and I knocked on the window and he opened the door for us.

So here we are, at home.

Call ahead!

But hold on a minute—Don’t let me get you thinking we had a bad day!

Diederick found plenty to laugh about…


He was in one of those moods where everything strikes him as funny, such moods are usually blamed on extreme tiredness when experienced by people who are old enough to know better. :D
When he wasn’t busy laughing he was spending time practicing his agility testing tricks!

He can now climb to the top of his changing table.
Call again sometime and maybe you’ll see a video of that!