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Can you believe it??

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Somebody’s mom forgot to take pictures today (so here’s one from yesterday). Which is really too bad because it was a lovely bright day and we got to play outside in the leaves! At one point Deeder saw an ‘oggie walking it’s person on the other side of the street, he went running to toward the dog screaming “Oggie oggie oggie” and patting his leg every few steps as if calling pup over! It was funny and scary all together in one. What if I hadn’t been right there? There’s no reason why I wouldn’t be watching the little guy, but oh my was he ever going fast toward the road.

At Walmart we saw a little Chihuahua riding in the child seat of an old lady’s cart, boy did he ever think that was great! It’s too bad Heidi is so scared of the camera…if she weren’t I’d have a chance to catch him saying “Oggie” for all you people.

I have super duper awesomely news!!! I’m not supposed to share details about our moving plans (Darren rule) but this is too good to keep quiet about! Well, okay, it’s just stuff but makes the idea seem more real. The idea of moving over 3,000 miles that is. Wouldn’t it be easy to just stay here…continue paying really high rent and living without any family around. We have good doctors, and Darren loves the work he does. I can so see staying, staying sort of accidentally. We’ve already been growing roots here in Vermont.

We lived in NY for one month, well we owned a trailer house there for five months, that that hardly counted. Deeder was born here, and it’s just normal now. But I don’t want Deeder to be one of those children who grows up with no cousins, aunts and uncles or grandparents around…I want him to have family, especially since both sides are so great!

This morning Darren talked on the phone with a lady from the hospital where he’d probably work about retraining, things sounded hopeful there. So far he’s worked as a psychiatric nurse, not as what he calls a “you know, nurse nurse”. I know it would be a huge adjustment for him…he dreads the idea of wearing scrubs and putting up with people’s hectic busy-ness. Also, working with other RNs, he prefers to be the one in charge!

Just as he was winding up his conversation with the lady from the hospital our doorbell rang. It was a guy from the moving company! He was coming to give us a quote on how much the move would cost. He went through all the rooms looking at what we own, even up in the attic. He had this cool sheet that had names of items and a bar code under each–he’d beep it with a scanner thing like people in department stores have…that give him the average weight of whatever item it is (I doubt the changing table weighs 15lbs, and I think that the stroller probably weighs more than 7lbs!), and at the end the thing automatically calculated the total weight. He entered that information in a little computer-ish devise and printed out the quote. We asked him how accurate he usually is, and he said that he’s probably off by about six pounds. That’s pretty good!

Our total was below average. HA! And I thought we had loads of stuff. I felt like some kind of refugee having everything calculated up like that. On the positive side, just having him go through the house made things feel, as I said a second ago, more real. Could we really do this??

The guy told us that there’s a discount if you move between December and April, because the weather’s icky. Icky weather here we come!!

But what to do about our landlady? We know that she’s no way interested in letting us out of the lease. And of course there’s the issue of insurance. My meds are expensive. It’s like house rent, New England house rent! Yep. Well, if you’re the praying type…do keep us in prayer as we think about all of this. We do believe that God’s calling us to move out to Washington. On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if “God calling us” is just me really really really wanting to go back. You know, you never really leave the pacific northwest…it’s in your blood. That’s what they say anyway.

So say we did get things worked out with the landlady and got out of here…the plan would be to drive the truck across the country, the car would be shipped with all of the things, we’d stop in and visit Darren’s folks for about a week then stay with his sister in Montana for a couple days before heading to Washington. We’d have to buy a topper for the pickup for Heidi dog to ride in since she doesn’t get to ride in the cab because we have a baby now. Poor old dog.
I just looked up pickup truck toppers on the internet and on this one site they cost $895-$1,200. DUDE! There must be something cheaper available. Anyway, I hope I don’t get in trouble for passing along this update. I’m just so psyched about this whole thing.

Off for now.

I’m making bread…I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. I’ve failed six times. :P
And for the record, I did eat my flopped bread all but the first time when it wasn’t done in the middle.

Sorry about the coloring in the last picture, that’s what I get for taking pictures in the evening.

just by habit

Monday, October 29th, 2007

What a cold day today!! Deeder and I stayed inside the entirety of our waking hours, except to take doggie out and check the mail. It’s supposed to be a really cold, wet, and snowy winter. In fact, light snow showers are in the forecast for tonight. It does smell like snow out there. You know, that crisp cold smell…it’s out there!

Say, where are my comments??
Sarah was just telling me that she and her friend like looking at my blog together and enjoy all the pictures. Hmmm….maybe I should require you to look at it alone so that you wont have someone to comment to!! :D OK, I’m kidding (Kinda!)…all that matters is that you’re out there and that you enjoy the story. I know I sure enjoy it.

Deeder’s at the age that I feel like I’ve been waiting for! He’s active and talkative. He calls everything “oggie” or “moo”. His other most frequently used word is, “Hot” it goes for the mugs we drink hot beverages in, his cereal bowl, anything that he sees comes out of the oven, and the tub water at bath time–he points to it is and says “hot” so solemnly.

He also says, “Addy? Addy?” for Daddy. What’s with leaving the “D” off? Well, just so long as he learns to say it properly when he’s older! Right now I’m just enjoying how he understands things. He watches us so carefully–yesterday he was quietly studying Darren putting socks on. One sock on and the other off, Darren handed Deeder a sock and asked him if he’d like to put it on. Diederick smiled and came over…he took the sock and wrapped it around Darren’s foot. It was pretty funny! The sock of course fell to the ground as soon as Deeder let go. I’m sure when the time comes Deeder’ll be one of those children who wants to dress himself in the morning!

Nothing huge to report today…I’m still thinking I ought to keep Deeder home from playgroup tomorrow. He’s still feeling unwell. I know he enjoys playgroup a lot and that he needs to get out. Grocery shopping should to happen soon, that can be his outing–perhaps for Wednesday, that’s Darren’s day off this week.

Bye for now. I hope everyone had a good Monday! It sure is beautiful here…falling colorful leaves everywhere!!

the morning nap

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Well I think we’re feeling better. Here are some pictures from our morning.

His bright eyes and mischievous wonderful self seem to be making a come back. Still drippy nosed and coughing it’s hard for him to get any good sleep, in fact last night I had trouble sleeping because I was ready to jump up and run to his room with every sound he made! Darren and I are pretty sure, we’re hoping anyway, that Deeder wont really develop the whoop of the cough and will be able to recover without any antibiotics.

After a night of very little sleep I’m sure you can imagine how thankful I was that Deeder decided to take a morning nap! I dragged myself to my bedroom after putting him in his crib and slept like a rock for two and a half hours, missing church and neglecting to make lunch for Darren.

Can you believe all that drool? I ended up changing his shirt because the whole front was soaked. I replaced it with a onesie and sweatshirt to keep the spit from freezing him! haha. Boy cold day today, speaking of freezing! It didn’t get above 40F.

I’m happy to be able to report that my sick boy woke up in a really good mood :) Sick or not, that’s always lovely and shouldn’t ever be taken for granted…good moods make a world of difference.

And here he is preparing to climb down the stairs…

My goodness what a lot of teeth you have, Deeder!

Apparently big boys go down stairs forwards.

Btw, we did have lunch with Darren–just an hour later than usual. Deeder and I had cheddar chowder (leftovers from yesterday!), apple sauce and toast with parmesan. Darren had ham and cheese sandwich with pears on the side…he doesn’t like potatoes so passes on most soups. :P All that matters is that we sit down together to eat, right? Hmm…well, and hopefully eat something slightly healthy. Speaking of eating, you wouldn’t believe how much oatmeal Deeder ate this morning. It was ridiculous to keep giving him more, but such a relief from yesterday when he’d hardly touch anything.
As for church, we did manage to have family devotions before Darren went to work. We’ll make sure to go to both the morning and evening church services next week, it’s terrible to miss.

I think I’m going to keep Deeder out of his play groups for the week. Just keep him home where it’s warm and cozy until the coughing passes where he can get plenty of sleep and have zero stress.

Oh hey, afternoon nap.
He was soooo tired but wouldn’t sleep for the world. I just held him in Darren’s big lazy boy chair and rocked and rocked. I guess I must have fallen asleep because one minute he was struggling and whining and the next my neck really hurt and he was sleeping super soundly. I had drool all over my shoulder where his head was laying, that’s what probably woke me up. Since he had refused to be put in his bed earlier I decided to just sit in the chair and let him snooze. I watched the clock and tried get a few blinks of sleep too. He slept for just over two hours, waking at 6-ish.

Stairs video:

Sorry about the jerky camera work! I ought to use the JVC, I get a smoother video because it has zoom on it. Isn’t he just so cute though?


Saturday, October 27th, 2007


Deeder’s never had a cough before. But Davie has, or does anyway. Davie is a little boy from Paula’s Playgroup who was sharing play dough with Deeder two weeks ago, they’re about the same age and both thought that their mommies were offering them cookies!
The health department got a call from Davie’s pediatrician, they in turn called the place where the playgroup is held. All of the names of the parents who were there that last day Davie was got called by the public health service nurse who instructed them to call their pediatricians and order preventative pertussis antibiotics. Preventative?? What was it I had shot into my baby when he was just a little baby?
I thought one of those was supposed to prevent pertussis. “No”, said the nurse on the phone, “that antibiotic only reduces the risk of your child contracting the illness.” What? Why vaccinate then? I’ve nicely let them stick any needle they like in my boy and he’s got a cough.
We went to the pharmacy where his prescription for this five day thing was supposed to be called in–I guess someone else has the same name as Deeder, or they ran out and gave our share away!

I called up my mom. She went through every illness with us kids without antibiotics, without any doctor medicines at all actually. In fact, I remember at 10 years old when someone offered me a Kleenex I thought they were going to give me candy! Eh heh heh. We used handkerchiefs and homeopathic remedies.

My mom read out the names of some of the remedies listed under cough in her homeopathic book and the symptoms that a person would have if they needed the particular remedy. The names sounded like old friends. I remember sitting shaking with feelings of coldness and extreme heat all in the same moment pulsing through my body, wrapped tightly in a blanket. Meanwhile my mom would be sitting next to me looking all composed with her book of infinite health wisdom open in front of her. She’d say, “Cold and hot at once, intense shivers…Hmm…which remedy is right? How does this one sound to you, Honey?”

Both Spongia and Aconite sound like things that might help Deeder tonight, might make him well.

The wet and rainy weather has been with us today and yesterday, not very cold out but the water from heaven just doesn’t stop. So there was no going out today. Tomorrow’s supposed to be the same. I don’t mind though, it’s a pretty picture out the window…the colors are beautiful and there are plenty of “oggies” being walked by there owners for Deeder to admire!

A couple of baby congratulations.
Ed and Hannah from our old church just had identical twin boys Ezra James and Noah Gregory on October 25. (Thanks, Tam, for forwarding on the birth announcement)
Jody Soles has a new niece named Lydia Doris, also born this past Thursday.
Hannah, I wish you blogged more often so that we could get to see that cuties…we miss you guys! Same for you, Jode, keep up on the photography!!

PS: Diederick’s cough doesn’t sound like the one one the pertussis website. Thankfully it’s not that bad yet.

today I didn’t take pictures

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

these pictures are from January. either he had really lousy balance that day, or he just didn’t know how to sit up yet?

Well, lets see.
We had music today.

I was in a hurry and instead of putting the money for class in my bag I shoved it in my pocket. Just as we were about to turn the corner onto the street where the music hall is someone honked their horn, apparently at us. I turned around to look and saw that they were waving–I must have looked puzzled because they honked and motioned again. The guy in the car behind that one rolled down his window and yelled “Hey lady you dropped some money! That’s yours, right??” I felt like such a fool! A lucky fool, but one all the same. SEVENTY DOLLARS. Who carries that in their pocket?

Diederick’s favorite part of class today was the rhythm sticks. One was smooth wood and the other was ribbed. Mommy was very proud of how well he followed directions on using them! He would swish swish them against each other or clap them cross ways, unfortunately he wasn’t able to do this and march at once so he got bumped into a lot by the other kids.
The teacher wrote a special song just for Deeder call We Will Walk On (to the tune of We Will Survive) about learning to walk. It was pretty weird, about creeping on the ground just like a bug then standing up tall and walking like a monkey. What??
I bought her CD, 10 dollars. I’m sure it was worth it.

So then we walked home. Daddy had already eaten and was reading stuff on the Internet. I made myself a pulled pork sandwich and read the paper while Deeder napped in his stroller. I don’t even remember what he ate when he woke up. We went for nap at 3.

I wrecked one of Daddy’s shirts somehow and decided I wanted to buy him a new one so we did that. Then we came home and ate dinner. I talked to Sarah on the phone and started watching a movie. Then I caught up on blogs. Hmmm…

Tomorrow we’re going to a playgroup with Sophie and Jen from Darren’s work. According to Jen, 18 month old Sophie can say “Asta La Vista Baby” I guess the twelve year old sister has been teaching her to do it! Soph said it to Jen and Jen corrected her by saying, “I’m not Baby, I’m Mommy.” Soph said, “Asta La Vista, Mommy!” I wanna hear it!
Darren says he’ll come to playgroup with us, that’d be nice.

So Darren’s shirt. It went into the washer just needing to be washed, it had a little stain of something so I put stain spray on it, everything else in the load was fine, it was a load of lights. When the cycle was done I took everything out and into the drier. I didn’t notice anything weird until the things were through the drier. His shirt and a pair of socks were covered in blue splotches! I don’t care about the socks, but how weird is that?? My mystery washer. It was like there was a blue crayon in the wash but we don’t own any.

That’s todays report. Tune in next time for something more interesting, maybe!