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   Oct 30

Can you believe it??

Somebody’s mom forgot to take pictures today (so here’s one from yesterday). Which is really too bad because it was a lovely bright day and we got to play outside in the leaves! At one point Deeder saw an ‘oggie walking it’s person on the other side of the street, he went running to toward […]

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   Oct 29

just by habit

What a cold day today!! Deeder and I stayed inside the entirety of our waking hours, except to take doggie out and check the mail. It’s supposed to be a really cold, wet, and snowy winter. In fact, light snow showers are in the forecast for tonight. It does smell like snow out there. You […]

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   Oct 28

the morning nap

Well I think we’re feeling better. Here are some pictures from our morning. His bright eyes and mischievous wonderful self seem to be making a come back. Still drippy nosed and coughing it’s hard for him to get any good sleep, in fact last night I had trouble sleeping because I was ready to jump […]

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   Oct 27


Pertussis Deeder’s never had a cough before. But Davie has, or does anyway. Davie is a little boy from Paula’s Playgroup who was sharing play dough with Deeder two weeks ago, they’re about the same age and both thought that their mommies were offering them cookies! The health department got a call from Davie’s pediatrician, […]

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   Oct 25

today I didn’t take pictures

these pictures are from January. either he had really lousy balance that day, or he just didn’t know how to sit up yet? Well, lets see. We had music today. I was in a hurry and instead of putting the money for class in my bag I shoved it in my pocket. Just as we […]

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