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   Nov 30

All Gone

Pops left a few minutes ago. Just looking through the 39 pictures that ended up on my camera I think this is the best for this post: Me helping Deeder finish the leftover noodles from his dinner plate. Most of the pictures ended up Darren’s camera. I hope so anyway, because I haven’t a one […]

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   Nov 29

checking email

Deeder Bug sitting with Grampa :) Not the best picture in the world, neither of the guys are even looking at the camera. But it has my pa and baby in–that’s special :) We’re having a good time, despite my pa having brought the Washington weather with him. Right now they’re having fun playing guitar […]

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   Nov 28

Mother’s Helper

How sweet is this?

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   Nov 27

It’s still Tuesday

Somewhere! The world from my bedroom window. I’m pretty sure my blog is set on Washington time. Sad and bad if it’s not because here the hour is 1:30AM, Wednesday. Boy that would stink to be dropped out of NaBloPoMo on the very tail end of the month. Eh heh. Deeder and I had a […]

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   Nov 26

low light

What’s with the series of half lit pictures? No, I don’t allow Deeder to hang next to his lamp on the night stand all the time! He does love sitting up there though, or so I’ve observed from the two or three times I’ve let him. Perhaps it’s the idea that he’s doing something slightly […]

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