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All Gone

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Pops left a few minutes ago.

Just looking through the 39 pictures that ended up on my camera I think this is the best for this post:


Me helping Deeder finish the leftover noodles from his dinner plate.

Most of the pictures ended up Darren’s camera. I hope so anyway, because I haven’t a one that is really super.

I’m sad to see my Pa go, it’s too bad. Now I really really want to come to visit him and everyone else again, a day and a half just isn’t long enough!

Yesterday we went for a walk to look at weird houses. I hope my dad’s pictures of that turn out, it was just about dark outside. And drizzling a little.

Must go. Deeder wants something.

checking email

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Deeder Bug sitting with Grampa :)


Not the best picture in the world, neither of the guys are even looking at the camera.

But it has my pa and baby in–that’s special :)

We’re having a good time, despite my pa having brought the Washington weather with him.
Right now they’re having fun playing guitar together…
I did a video, coming soon!

Sorry if you see my blog in a plain blue and white instead of the usual one … I’m having technical difficulties.

Mother’s Helper

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

How sweet is this?

It’s still Tuesday

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007



The world from my bedroom window.

I’m pretty sure my blog is set on Washington time. Sad and bad if it’s not because here the hour is 1:30AM, Wednesday. Boy that would stink to be dropped out of NaBloPoMo on the very tail end of the month.
Eh heh.

Deeder and I had a good day today. It was 42 degrees which is really warm compared to the last few days we’ve had.
One of our stops was the library to pick out a dog book. We found a big fat one will all kinds of glossy page color photographs–the 2004 dog encyclopedia.

I’ve been wanting to get Deeder a pet but he’s really too little to take care of anything, and all he likes is dogs. So I decided to buy him a plant instead, something special. We went to the florists–might as well start off with a plant in perfect condition. Deeder had never been in a real flower shop before and I think he enjoyed it, lots of colors and wonderful smells. We picked out a lovely Hoya after hearing a complete description of appearance and care of all the other hanging plants in the shop. The woman helping us knew all of the plants as if they were very dear friends to her.
She told us about her very first house plant. She’s had it for 50 years!! As a 5-year-old she dug it out of her neighbor’s trash bin and it’s lived with her since then, what a rad story! After tell us about how many pots the plant had been through and how much of her apartment it took up, she said, “Yes, my husband is gone now and all of my children are grown and have moved on in their lives. And here I am, myself and that wonderful little plant. It is as if we are friends and we talk to one another.”

The Hoya is perfect for Deeder’s room. It’s a tropical plant with green peach fuzz leaves that are pink in the center, when the Hoya is very happy it gets red blossoms. The lady told us that it smells nice at night, just like the way dandelions close up when the sun goes down.
And sure enough! Here it is night time and my house all of the sudden smells flowery, nearly incense. As long as I keep the plant is high light and let it dry out entirely between waterings it should live a nice healthy life. :)
Hopefully Darren’ll put a plant hook up in Deeder’s bedroom, maybe a bit of a chain for it so that the plant can be lower…we have kind of high ceilings upstairs. So this is Deeder’s first pet. Any name ideas?


A little Deeder video clip from this morning:

Still working on getting videos to be clearer. Hmmm.

low light

Monday, November 26th, 2007





What’s with the series of half lit pictures? No, I don’t allow Deeder to hang next to his lamp on the night stand all the time! He does love sitting up there though, or so I’ve observed from the two or three times I’ve let him. Perhaps it’s the idea that he’s doing something slightly dangerous, perching near a hot lamp only inches from a ledge high enough to hurt himself if he should fall. :P

I was testing my “candle light” setting. Oddly the picture is clearer than what I got in video mode earlier during day light.