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   Dec 31

New Years Eve

An estimated 8 to 10 inches of white wonder fell last night, more in the forcast for tonight! I’m imagining there’ll be lots of accidents reported on the radio tomorrow morning with all the new year cheer happening and slick road conditions :P Here are some snaps Deeder and I took when we woke up […]

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   Dec 30

The Chair

Yesterday was the big day! We bought a potty chair, just cost $15.39 and hopefully will have us done with buying diapers soon :) The box it came in says “18 Months and Up” right on the front. We’re a couple months away from 18 months, maybe by then we’ll be all trained! Who makes […]

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   Dec 28

Grape Juice and Granola Bar Funnies

You want some?? I already drank all the juice up, but you could have a bite of my slobbery bar! Hey, Ma! The phone’s ringing! Deeder always gets excited about the phone but then wont really talk on it. Maybe the grape juice was a little fermented? I have no idea why he’s laughing…I promise, […]

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   Dec 27

big boy

Today was lots of tiredness. Deeder and I went to Men’s Bible Study with Daddy last night. It was a big mix up… Last time Darren had made a joke about how there is just a men’s bible study and no day set apart each month for the women to get together. I’m not sure […]

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   Dec 26

Darrien Harry

The spell checker on Booksmart is evil! Apparently Darren’s name isn’t spelled the way he has been writing it his whole life. It’d be understandable to not have his last name in the dictionary, but isn’t Darren common enough? :P It’s worth a little laugh but here’s the annoying part– I hit “ignore correction” not […]

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