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New Years Eve

Monday, December 31st, 2007

An estimated 8 to 10 inches of white wonder fell last night, more in the forcast for tonight! I’m imagining there’ll be lots of accidents reported on the radio tomorrow morning with all the new year cheer happening and slick road conditions :P

Here are some snaps Deeder and I took when we woke up this morning, before the plows come throw. Wow was it ever fluffy looking, just lovely!

Kinda felt like living in the middle of the woods! Until the world woke up and the sun melted the layers of snow from the branches.









A safe and happy new year to you all! How many of you are really going to stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year?

I’ll be checking your blogs for resolutions, always interesting to know what people are working on!
I think I’m just writing “Be content” for mine this year.

The Chair

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Yesterday was the big day!

We bought a potty chair, just cost $15.39 and hopefully will have us done with buying diapers soon :)

The box it came in says “18 Months and Up” right on the front. We’re a couple months away from 18 months, maybe by then we’ll be all trained! Who makes these rules anyway? His feet touch the ground, that must mean he’s big enough to give the whole thing a try.



Well for the sake of putting Deeder in a state of embarrassment I’ll skip the details. I’ll say though that he does seem to know what he’s supposed to do on the seat and is proud of himself for doing it! :P

Grape Juice and Granola Bar Funnies

Friday, December 28th, 2007


You want some?? I already drank all the juice up, but you could have a bite of my slobbery bar!


Hey, Ma! The phone’s ringing!

Deeder always gets excited about the phone but then wont really talk on it.

Maybe the grape juice was a little fermented? I have no idea why he’s laughing…I promise, Mommy doesn’t look THAT silly!

I’d like to catch on video Deeder’s new spoon using abilities, that’s a pretty cute thing. It used to be that if I gave him spoon and food he’d just toss the spoon and eat with his hands. Now he exercises a great deal of patience each morning over a bowl of cereal. If he accidentally drops a Cherrio from the spoon he picks it up with his fingers and drops it back in the bowl for a second try! :)

big boy

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Today was lots of tiredness. Deeder and I went to Men’s Bible Study with Daddy last night. It was a big mix up…


Last time Darren had made a joke about how there is just a men’s bible study and no day set apart each month for the women to get together. I’m not sure what the punch line was, but they just all assumed his mentioning this meant I wanted to come to the men’s meeting. So along I came. Darren was under the impression that I was invited, and I must have been by someone…although not any of the three men who showed up because they all looked pretty surprised.

The night turned out alright. Deeder and I went over to the pastor’s house and hung out with his wife and girls. My boy had a blast exploring their house and checking out the chocolate lab puppy. She was a bit rambunctious so Deeder felt brave just walking into the room that hosted her in her kennel.

We were home at 10PM. I don’t remember the last time we kept him up that late.

To my great relief he hardly roused at all when I took him out of his car seat and carried him into the house. His eyes opened and closed a couple of times as I gingerly took off his jacket, shoes, jeans and sweater. But he never came to full waking until 7:45 the next morning. He ate then threw himself down on the floor in crying fits over something I couldn’t figure out what…I got him a drink and sat down with him and a pile of books. I read four of them over his noise then he settled down to listen to the other ten.


These baking pictures are from Friday when we made blueberry muffins. Anyone from home recognize the apron? Mom, you sent it to me when Darren and I first arrived in NY.
One of the grandma’s made it for me when I was a child, a little child! :P


Anyway, today had four naps for Deeder in it and a lot of story time reading for Mommy. It’s not as easy as it was when he was little to tell what the problem is…there are so many teeth in his mouth that I have no idea when he has another coming in. I just make assumptions and hope I’m reacting properly. While I do that I’m teaching him how he should react to his own feelings. More than once I was tempted to just pick up my little Deeder and stick him in the crib and close the door between him and myself leaving him to do whatever he would to pacify his tears. I’m happy now that I took the time to comfort him through reading which I’m so happy to have him embracing as a favorite…I hope that stays.

It’s healthy for children to have things happen vastly out of their usual schedule from time to time, just cuz. But I don’t think we’ll be joining Daddy for Men’s Bible Study anymore.
Even though we did end up having an enjoyable visit with the pastor’s family. :)

Goodnight, from a very tired mommy.
Deep sleep and sweet dreams be with you all!

Darrien Harry

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

The spell checker on Booksmart is evil!

Apparently Darren’s name isn’t spelled the way he has been writing it his whole life. It’d be understandable to not have his last name in the dictionary, but isn’t Darren common enough? :P

It’s worth a little laugh but here’s the annoying part–

I hit “ignore correction” not “APPLY ALL”

Now I have 55 pages to check for all Darrien :(


This is a favorite picture of mine, despite the part about none of us looking at the photographer man!

My blog from the end of May thru Sept 30, 2005 will cost me $21.98 for a soft cover. Never did I imagine I’d be paying money to have my own words.