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Thursday, January 31st, 2008






What the snow looks like after it’s defrosted and refrozen for a whole week


without any new snowfall.





4 Things

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

I just got tagged by Trish for this.

So here we go!

4 Jobs I’ve had:

…worked there for YEARS

Promise Daycare…my first official daycare job, one year

…I watched people’s kids while they worked out…ages 1-7, 2 hrs per kid.

zillions of babysitting jobs…I did that from the time I was 11 until I started college.

4 Movies that I watch over and over:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlotte’s Web

Fun with Dick and Jane

Run Lola Run

4 Places I have been:

Seattle, WA

Vancouver, BC

San Fransisco, CA

Boston, MA

4 Places I have lived:


New York


Maybe I’ll add another state soon?

4 TV shows I watch(ed):
We don’t have TV, just loads of Netflix

A Baby Story

Nanny 911

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader

3rd Rock from the Sun

4 People who email me regularly:

Kathie (my friend who needs to set up a blog!! thanks, Kathie, I love getting your regular emails :)

Mom (whenever she finds an interesting article!)

Baby-GaGa Weekly Pregnancy Updates

my blog with comment notifications!

4 Favorite foods:

nearly anything my mom makes! I love her soups, her bread, her desserts, and right now I’d love a bowl of granola!

4 Places I’d rather be:

In my bed at home, just exactly the way it used to be.

Living Carly’s June 2nd 2008 delivery! I can hardly wait to meet her


Right here with Daddy and Deeder

4 People I tag:

Sheena (who just tagged me for another meme!)




shopping and hair

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008


Sorry about the lousy quality of this picture, I like it anyway! Deeder standing there on a chair at the kitchen counter eating a muffin. With the hand that is close up to the camera he’s fanning me away–just in case I think I’m going to pick him up and make him sit to eat!
That’s how we do breakfast now. Well, lunch and sometimes dinner too. When it’s just the two of us I don’t really care. The important part is that he’s eating.

We were all ready to go at 9:30 this morning. I’m so happy we got to go shopping! Not that we don’t go out with Daddy just about every day off, but it was fun going with another mommy. If Daddy were there I probably could have been talked out of buying $50 worth of baby girl clothes!! He would have reminded me that my baby girl isn’t due for MONTHS and that there will be bigger sales later that I could take advantage of. I couldn’t help myself! I just kept piling in cute things that I was sure that Carly HAD to have! Purples and pinks, some ruffles.

At Target I also found a wedding gift for the lady at our church who is getting married in two weeks. I found it in the candle section and paid $12 for it. That brings my total spending up to $62. It was a good find though!

Jen bought Sophie some shoes and slippers, and lots miscellaneous of household must-haves. We spent a bit of time looking at the kids book section and toys…I was proud of myself for not buying anything in either of those.

We decided on McDonald’s for lunch. It’s not what it used to be! This one had just undergone renovation; they took out the ball pit play area and replaced it with a big flat screen TV and couches. Someone forgot that McDonald’s is for KIDS! :P Guys who want to watch sports can go down the street to the sports bar. Even the bathrooms weren’t for children–no changing stations.
Oh well. McNuggets will always be the same! Both Deeder and Sophie enjoyed those.
On the half hour drive home Deeder fell deep into dream land. Sophie kept saying, “C’mon boy! Wake up! Hey! Buddy, buddy, you sleeping?!”

She talks so much. It’s way cool! Her sister has taught her to count to ten in Spanish. How many children do you know who can do that before their second birthday? Sophie is 21 months.

Oh hey. Carly gets Sophie’s infant car seat. Rad, huh? We have her baby swing now soon her car seat too.

I took this picture just minutes after waking up this morning so that’s why my hair looks so mooshed down.
Hopefully not being quite awake yet is the only reason why my eyes look so empty! I don’t go through the whole day looking that way, do I? :P

Yesterday I decided that it was high time for a trim. It’s been 4 1/2 months since I went in for one and have been looking pretty shaggy.
With the temp all the way up to 37F and the roads being fairly clean the day was right. Deeder ate a bagel and a yogurt after his nap and we were out the door. He sat quietly in his stroller the whole half hour that I was getting my hair cut. Perhaps he’ll be a hairdresser one day. I found his fascination with her working pretty interesting. Usually he doesn’t focus on anything for that long unless it’s a doggie or a really interesting story book.

We missed the bus by five minutes. That was OK because we still had an hour of daylight left.

It’s been ages since we went to the second hand store so that’s where we decided to spend the time that we had to wait. I found a couple shirts for myself there and bought Deeder a pair of pink snow boots! $14.50 total. Not bad really. One of the shirts that I found for myself is $35 new, and the snow boots are Kamik Kids which is pretty good quality.

Tomorrow we’re going to try to go to children’s gym. That’s from 11 to 1pm. Sounds like an opportunity for lots of pictures for mommy to take and friends for Deeder meet. All of the moms who were at group yesterday have been and say that it’s the highlight of their children’s week. For only $2? I think we can do that? It’s pretty close by where we live too. So, if nice weather is here tomorrow Deeder and I will go to gym!

Calling Ergo People!!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008


I know there are a few Ergo users who drop by from time to time.

Just now I came across a blog that is hosting an Ergo accessory give-away. You HAVE to check it out!

This is a $143 value, ladies!

Closing date: 2/4/08

The website to visit for this is Our Blessed Arrows.
Click here for the Ergo accessories give-away.

Trying New Video Thing

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

My friend Jessica over at Raising Joey uses OneTrueMedia when she puts up videos of her cute little kidlets. Thought I’d try it out on my Deeder. What do you think?
The picture quality seems a little low on this video for some reason. Weirdness.
Kinda cool that the program lets you add text, music, cut video length and add pictures…I think that’s all free. You can upgrade to a premium version that has fancier things to it as well. Yep.