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gunna post anyway…

Friday, February 29th, 2008




Daddy says that I shouldn’t skip a day. :P

We’re up!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Scroll down for new Deeder photos. I wont be posting tomorrow…


Deeder and I are on TopMomma again. We were up for two weeks last September. I submitted again in December and this morning got an email that we’re finally on their site.

People from all over the world sign up for TopMomma hoping to attract more traffic to their blogs…
We didn’t get much more than usual the last time that we signed up, but it was fun anyways.The more clicks you get on your blog’s image the longer you get to stay on their website.
I put up the picture of Deeder by my coffee cup. That was one of the very first pictures that I took with my new cam.

I'm a Top Mommma!

Yep. So if you feel like it, stop on my TopMomma and give us some clickin’ love.
My referal number is 1372.

Here’s some pictures from this morning.


The blue sky of promise!


Daddy and Baby braving the ice.


Soaking up a sunbeam.


Smiling with a mouthful of cracker.

And a video :)

Since I haven’t posted one in a while.


And here’s a couple of my little dude on the computer.


Little typist


“Buzz off, Ma! Can’t you see I’m busy here??”

Well. Don’t miss us too much tomorrow!


yesterday’s snow pictures

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


This first one I took as the snow was just starting–it’s melt from the day before revealing a dirty layer of snow underneath. Kinda cool.
The next two I also took that morning, notice the deep grey sky? The snow was so thick at times that it looked like a good heavy rainfall–white rain.




Hmm…now I’m having trouble resizing things…
I’m going to put the rest of these up tiny and make them clickable. It’s not worth messing around with tonight trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong! Perhaps Darren can instruct me tomorrow. :)

Here are the pics from after the snow stopped.





When I figure out resizing pictures I’ll put up some pics of my Deeder boy. I got some cute ones of him showing off his new shoes. He’s very proud of them! This morning he insisted on wearing them even though he knew we weren’t going outside. He enjoyed stomping and tromping around until naptime. :)

A Nice Day Inside

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


I felt sick all day yesterday, not stomach flu or anything–just Yuck.

Deeder didn’t complain about my lack of energy at all, he just sat on my bed next to me with a pile of books for me to read. Half the time he was happy to be the one reading, chattering out his version of the story.
This gave me the luxury of drifting in and out of sleepland, peaceful though laiden with a heavy opressive headache. Better today.

He can now identify most of the animals in his books, doggie or not–it’s pretty cool. My baby’s learning and growing–growing up, and I can’t believe it. Sweet and sad all at once. I feel that each day he needs me less than he did before.
I think that maybe thats one reason why people have a lot of children–so that they can continue to be needed in that unseparable wonderful way.

Deeder also kept a keen look out for trucks going by–trucks meaning the big snowplows and dump trucks hauling snow away. We did get the “several inches” of snow that the weatherman promised.

I took some pictures through the windows, they turned out pretty well but since it was so cold downstairs I didn’t bother to spend enough time on the computer to install my picture programs so they aren’t appearing in this post. When I do get myself going with putting up pictures I’m sure you’ll be begging me to stop!

So nice day yesterday, huddling inside under blankets and layers of sweaters.
Today we’re most certainly inside again, it’s beautiful outside but *very* cold.
Deeder’s wearing one of those cover all one piece fleece suits with a longsleeve onesie underneath, warm socks and his big slippers.

Thus far he’s seeming pretty cheerful–eating like a little bear and busy building with his MegaBlocks. More snow in the forecast for tonight, and tomorrow morning.

Dieder Harr.jpg

March is almost here and we have more snow than we did in December.

Pictures compliments of Amanda Price

Kiss it better, Mommy

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Deeder just started calling me Mommy! I adore it. :)


I don’t know where he got the idea, it’s something that I never taught him…
and as I’ve mentioned a million times over, we hardly get out. So I don’t know where he would have seen another child ask to have an owie kissed.

He fell down four times yesterday and each time he came over, offered me his hand or whatever and said “iss” I could only assume that that meant Kiss and kindly obliged him. Kinda cute, huh?

Hopefully he doesn’t fall on his bare butt or anything and make me kiss it! His happened to Tater’s Mom with her preschooler. Heh heh. I really don’t know if I could do that.


He’s also really into identifying body parts. His favorite is “Eye” which he can say with quite impressive clarity. He says it then proceeds to poke your eye out with the biggest smile on his face. He also knows “Nose” “Ear” and “Mouth” and “Tongue”

Sorry again about the use of old pictures. I still haven’t set up my picture programs on Darren computer. That’s OK, right? It’s kind of nice to have a bit of a flashback. My kiddo is growing SO fast in recent days–both those outfits are too small. I miss the doggie shirt. We even went back to the Carters outlet store hoping to find one like it in 24 months, or 2T. The only one left was a 0-3M. Alas, that’s far too tiny. I couldn’t believe how tiny! He was 2 1/2 months before I put that size on him, and he was completely swimming in it.

Speaking of swimming, a little weather update. We got up to 40F yesterday, a pleasant surprise. The snow melted down to a very black filthy looking layer and the sidewalks defrosted a little. Unfortunately (in my mind anyway) the temperatures have dropped again today and we’re expecting 4 to 7 inches by dark. And possibly more over night–tomorrow rain and mid 30s which means ice the following day. Yep, bummer.

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Oh hey, just 97 days until Carly Annalise Taryn’s due date.


25 Week picture from Waking Early

Like the additional middle name? It was my idea, not yet 100% approved by Darren, so unofficial of this moment. I’m writing it all over the place to see if it has a magic ring to it as all baby names should. Why the extra name? I just think it would be cool to have her sort of named after my family since both she and Deeder are named after Darren’s.
Deeder’s middle name is for my father in law, Dale, it is also Darren’s middle name. Carly is for his great uncle Carl. Annalise if a twist on my middle name, Anne, and Taryn would be a misspelling of my mom and dad’s name, Taron.