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Messy Mommy

Monday, March 31st, 2008

I thought this would make a good Monday post since many of us feel at least a little outside of perfection on the first work day of the week. :)

Being Mommy involves at least a bit of mess, accidental messes and the ones you can count on. Anticipated messes are art projects that go further than the edge of the paper and clothes that keep getting dirty. Accidental messes are broken vases, noses that go runny when Kleenex isn’t around, and spilled milk.

In my case this past Saturday, spilled cheese. I was making toasted bagels with asiago cheese on top to go with our fish fillets. As I was turning to get our drinks out of the fridge I bumped the cheese off the counter with my elbow and half of it spilled all over the floor.
Deeder and his snowplow truck rushed to the rescue…

And just for fun, here are some pictures of how he does tomato soup. You see, we have a deal…he cleans up my messes and I clean up his.





Tomato soup and grill cheese was Auntie Biddy‘s favorite food for many of the early years…I promise you though, she was a much neater eater! Maybe when she and Auntie Cadety come to stay with us in June she could teach him to eat properly. Eh, Lyd? I don’t think that this mommy is qualified. ;)

OK, I do think I’ll snatch a bit of credit and tell you that the tomato soap that you see there is just the last bit from the bottom of his bowl. He isn’t suffering from hunger or malnutrition by any means! For the most part, Deeder’s sandwiches still get cut into little cubes for him to pick up and eat and his soup spoon fed to him because I am deep down inside afraid of choking.

Transition Times

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I took some snaps of our yard while Deeder and I were out today and thought I’d share a couple with you…

We were out there from 2:30 to 4. It was so nice. We haven’t been able to go out the past two days because of the snow we got on Friday–after those five inches fell the snow totally froze and brought back the ole ice plate that has been coating our bit of earth for so long.





(notice all the little bulbs?)



We saw Spring, Winter and Fall all in one day! :)

I know, I know…you’re sick of nature shots…

Weekly Winners: Week 9

Saturday, March 29th, 2008


3/24/2008 thru 3/30/2008


Peck Peck.

He’s taking a break from eating wood.


Corner Stone.


New England Living.

The houses around here are large, close together and funky colors!


A Story to Tell.

He looks like Darren in this one.


Raw Beauty.

My sad looking Rhododendron.


Toddler Toes.

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Happy Birthday

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

To Auntie Dubie!

Debra Ruth is 18 tomorrow. :)




Debra was born the year that I turned five. We still lived in the basement when she came, with Dubie there were six little Tarons! And I can’t believe how fast time flies…


Hmm. But then somehow I did manage to get to be 23, that too is pretty amazing. In my mind we’re all young yet, captured in a small time capsule that is really become quite old. That’s why I need to move back, right? So that I can make some new memories!
Until then, I absolutely insist that you stop getting older and wait for me. :)

Happy birthday, Dubie! I’m glad that you liked the T-shirt Deeder and I picked out for you. Maybe you could have someone take a picture of you wearing it and then send it to me??

Much love from us to you. :)

thanks, Auntie Cadety, for the pictures!

Photo Hunt: High

Saturday, March 29th, 2008




Here in the Green Mountain State you see many building situated on topply looking edges of nothingness. This is the little grocery that Deeder and I often buy our milk. To one side you see the Connecticut River; to the roof tops of the spa and pool center and the dry cleaners. Notice the wooden steps off the grocery store? People actually walk on those.

PS: I know I said I’d be putting up pictures of one of the local ancient churches–I decided that would be better for the Time theme, so it’ll be along eventually.

Thanks for coming by!