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lonely already

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Well I’ve done it.

Scheduled a flight for Darren to go out to Washington for a week. I’m excited that he’s going out there and will check out some job possibilities. While I wouldn’t be totally bummed if we stay here, I really wouldn’t be upset if we moved back “home” either! :)
When I got married and packed my things to move to New York I really thought that I’d never go back.

The really big deal is that I’ve told Darren that Deeder can come too. I can’t believe I did that! I miss him already! My baby. What will I do without him? I know he’ll be well taken care of…
Aunties galore and GrammaMomma who knows everything that there is to know about kids. A nice doggie and plenty of kitties to play with. A wonderful big yard…
What if he can’t sleep without me? What if he refuses to eat? Oh dear!

When Deeder was born he had trouble feeding and it was just a struggle…sad and frustrating, tiring and so annoying! We had the hardest time (I know it could have been worse) working as a team but no one other than myself seemed super concerned. The nurse told me that in less than two months we’d be perfect and that I wouldn’t be able to imagine life without Deeder. And she was so right! I haven’t been away from him for more than 2 1/2, maybe three hours–each moment’s been awesome.
Today was extra kisses and hugs from Mommy. Me telling Deeder that I’m going to miss him and that I love him. He must have thought that I was being silly because he just pushed away more intent on playing than paying any attention to me.

He’s a big boy now! It’s just Mommy who worries!

Deeder in WA last May

Mr. Mischief

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

New Neighbors

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

To us anyway!

March of Dimes people trooping past our house. :P

We have neighbors who have two little children, one I estimate to be about five years old. And the other is a little girl who appears to be maybe 18 months, she’s always being held so I could never quite tell. Deeder’s been spying on them for the past couple of months at least. He peaks his head around the corner of our garage and watches the boy drive his toy trucks around their back patio. Sometimes the father and son play catch or kick a soccer ball around in the field that connects our backyards. At these times Deeder almost dares go over but has never quite worked up the nerve. He stands there, frozen with a huge grin on his face, sometimes giggling as if imagining himself out there joining in the merriment.

Until Saturday afternoon that is.

After spending about 45 minutes with Luca, his new furry friend he went over to Elliott’s house. That’s the little boy’s name. I was entirely surprised with what gusto Deeder joined in, and how welcoming Elliott was. He let Deeder push around the dump truck and kick the soccer ball, they chased each other around the field and played at Elliott’s watertable. Talia is the sister’s name and she’s going to be 2 in May. The mom, whose name I don’t remember, is expecting another baby in September.

FRIENDS!! Oh so excited by “come over any time you like”
Having someone to visit will make our days go by faster, and feel less lonely.

Today we’re going over to Asma and Asif’s for a meal at noon. If I knew Asma better I’d bring along my camera to take pictures, this’ll be a momentous occasion…Laura trying food that she’s never had before. It’d be fun to share with you a little–of course though I have no idea what she’d think of that so you’ll have to miss out.

Daddy’ll be home at 4:30,5-ish since he has classes today rather than working his usual 3 to 11 shift. That’s pretty special! :)

The Sand Man

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Originally our landlady said that we could not have any outdoor play things for Deeder. No slides, riding toys, forts, climbers, nothing. Number one the building is an office, second it’s a rental apartment. Be quiet between 9am and 5pm, it’s all written in the lease agreement.

In the winter months Deeder entertained himself outdoors with the help of the snow shovel; in mucky weather he enjoyed pulling out the reflectors that we stuck in the mud to warn cars not to park in the lawn. Now that both these things are put away he’s left with nothing more than last years hanging baskets discovered under winter’s melt. We’ve brought out his John Deere tractor for him to ride around a few times, always sure to bring it in so that our landlady doesn’t see it!

Friday I decided to gather courage and ask if I could buy Deeder a sandbox.
I know she’s having a landscaping company come in soon to put some anuals in and that she doesn’t want Deeder digging in the beds and along the sidewalk anymore. So I thought I might have a chance of getting a “Yes” out of her.

And sure enough!!

She said OK.

As long as I put it on the edge of the property where there is the smallest chance that his possible chatter could reach her windows. Oh I was so happy!! We set off right away to find the perfect box.

None at Walmart so we headed out to Target, about a half hour drive. They had all kinds of cool pools and those sand and water tables. Deeder likes sitting in whatever he’s digging so we kept looking, after a bit more searching we found it. There’s a canopy cover and ledges to sit on, room enough for two kids to sit (which means he has space for digging and scooping toys) and so far it looks like a hit.

Unfortunately we spent about double the price I had estimated as a total. But hey, if the sandbox ends up being something that can keep Deeder occupied for long periods of time it’ll more than pay for itself.

UPDATE: Well, it’s raining in our part of Vermont right now. And it’s supposed to keep up non-stop throughout tomorrow too. Secretly I’m happy for the break from outdoors because Carly’s giving me a hard time from the inside, Deeder though is so bummed. He’s been pointing on the door yowling for the sandbox, well, and for Heidi…though I don’t know what he’s thinking with that because the dog isn’t allowed in the sandbox.

Weekly Winners: Week 13

Sunday, April 27th, 2008


4/21/2008 thru 4/27/2008

The Forgotten.

Bought too many onions! This guy didn’t get used for anything more than a photoshoot.

Look Alikes.

Similar hair-dos on these two!

The Working Man.

Tired Baby.

Designated Digging.

Tune in tomorrow for the story. We had to get special permission to buy this sandbox and are so pleased that Deeder likes it!

5 O’clock Shadow

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