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For Me?

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Carrying it Cross-Country

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I’ve come up with a plan on how to keep alive on my silly ole quest to blog daily. Just in case anyone was sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to know if I’d come up with a brillian plan I thought that I’d let you in on the plan!

We leave in about twenty days from today and I’ll be saving up pictures that I’ve taken of the kids around the house in our daily life and have them automatically post for each day.
It’ll kinda be like two weeks straight of Wordless Wednesdays. It’s either that or sit in someones basement our whole entire visit in ND and blog like a crazy person placing the date in the past rather than scheduling ahead–not sure if that even works.


And all just to save the date on the Blog365.

Hey, speaking of my not being able to write…

If you’re interested in checking out some good writing check out my sister Kayla’s blog. She’s been posting again, and as usual making me applaud and envy her cool writing style! It’s a little account of her The Olympic Peninsula with friend Emmy-Lou.

Jumping back to the whole moving thing:
A guy from the company who is going to move Darren’s car to Washington called this afternoon to remind me that Darren scheduled the car to be picked up this Friday. What?? I hadn’t heard about this. What are we going to do without Darren’s car from now until our end-of-August departure date? I don’t even know if our carseats will fit in the back of his GMC truck.
Maybe the guy wrote down the wrong Friday?

Then a guy from the paper called telling me that my subscription ended a long time ago–um, yeah…then why am I still getting it? At the end of the very odd conversation I heard myself saying, “Yeah we’ll do that then” I hung up and wondered what I had just agreed to.

PS: Click to enlarge for both pictures, to capture the mood and all :)

Sleeping Babies

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

This is my sister and her boyfriend Justin.
They became engaged this past 4th of July and are planning a September 20th 2008 wedding day.

If it weren’t 6:30 in the morning there I would call her and tell her how cute I think this picture is!

How nice it would be for us to get to Washington in time for the wedding. I’ll make sure I tell them that I hope they get a good photographer just in case we don’t make it. congrats, guys!

Hide-Away Bed

Monday, July 28th, 2008

It’s a well known fact (among parents anyway) that toddlers love hiding places.

Here’s Deeder’s latest:

He can untuck the couch cover and even brings snack crackers and toys under there. Not a pleasant surprise for an unsuspecting individual who simply wants a seat.

And of course here’s a picture of little Sissy who is too young to yet engage in such antics.
Isn’t sleeping so beautiful? She still sleeps all day and parties at night, oh well.

In moving news, we’re having three different couples come see the house today. Together this will make six. Friday there were two and Thursday was the first. It’s annoying to have to be neat amongst our packing process, but on that oh well. Our land lady needs to have the place filled before winter because heating her office also heats the entire four bedroom two story apartment, odd arrangement. Anyway, that’s my day today. I’m thankful that Darren got so much done on Saturday–the trailer is half full and the attic is empty, our dressers are all out and the heavy furniture aside from beds and couch. This Friday he plans on hitting it hard again, weather permitting.