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   Sep 30

We drove

Up to see Baker today, and now we’re tired. No pictures now, maybe later. :P It was just the perfect day for the drive–perhaps more fun when the kids are older?

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   Sep 29

Fogged Up

I’m so congested and it’s just not leaving me. It was just after we arrived in Washington that I started feeling off and since then my sickness has just kind of shifted it’s weight around making me feel uncomfortable and flu/cold-ish in different areas. All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t have […]

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   Sep 28

Weekly Winners: Week 32

9/21/2008 thru 9/28/2008 Darly Daughter Football Boy click here for the story Yummy Thumb “Will it Rain Today?” GrampaPoppa and Deeder Sitting Out “Just Go with It”, Carly on Sleeping Visit Sarcastic Mom for more Weekly Winner participants… Ladies, I’m sorry that I really didn’t visit any of your sites last week; if it helps, […]

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   Sep 27

She Looks Like…

Your Aunt Kath My Grandma Taron spent most of her and Grandpa’s visit here holding Carly. She remarked on how Carly’s, “clear grey eyes” looked just like my dad’s oldest sister, Kathy. In the past I had always thought that the tradition of questioning who the baby most looks like in the family was a […]

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   Sep 26

Save the Date

There are tidbits in time that I hold still continually wishing to remember so that I can write on them. One of those tidbits is the time my sister married her Justin and my grandpa and grandma came from California. I took pictures but missed the wedding. I want to write about it tonight, for […]

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