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   Oct 31

Tomorrow it begins!

The 3rd annual National Blogging Month (NaBloPoMo) starts Saturday November 1st 2008! If you like blogging and think you could do it for 30 days straight you should totally join. Sign up and get started. :) Click here if you’re interested in checking out the cool list of prizes, very inspirational. There are groups you […]

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   Oct 30

Carly Annalise Taryn: 5 Months

This month Carly took her first bites of solids. As you might know, solids equals textureless goop fed to young children who have tasted nothing but milk in their lifetime. Anyway, she took well to it, as you can see in the picture above; flavors tried: squash and banana. Carly has certainly grown in so […]

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   Oct 29

Grain Belt Beer

Wordless Wednesday OK, nearly wordless wednesday… I think this one requires explanation. This was one of the snaps I took of Deeder when we were visiting the big buffalo in North Dakota–they have a little town there that’s supposed to be authentic frontier village set up, here he’s in the bar.

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   Oct 28

Sleep Number

You know those Sealy Sleep Number beds that they advertise on TV with the sheep? Each one sports a number on it’s side, the deep meaning here is that if you have one of these beds you’ll never have to “count sheep” again. The beds are individually contoured for your sleep needs, proving the perfect […]

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   Oct 27

Carly’s Sleep

So we’ve learned that having Deeder sleep in the twin sized bed was a no-go failure idea. In then to the crib he has gone, and with that have returned all night slumbers that were nothing but sweet memories from our old house. Now they are here again and I’m so happy for that. Carly […]

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