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Tomorrow it begins!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The 3rd annual National Blogging Month (NaBloPoMo) starts Saturday November 1st 2008! If you like blogging and think you could do it for 30 days straight you should totally join.

Sign up and get started. :)

Click here if you’re interested in checking out the cool list of prizes, very inspirational.
There are groups you can join for support and ideas too.

Last year I signed up but a week late so I didn’t get anything–after that I decided to take on the Blog365 challenge to get me in shape for the next NaBloPoMo, think it’ll help?

Carly Annalise Taryn: 5 Months

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

This month Carly took her first bites of solids. As you might know, solids equals textureless goop fed to young children who have tasted nothing but milk in their lifetime. Anyway, she took well to it, as you can see in the picture above; flavors tried: squash and banana.

Carly has certainly grown in so many ways. In list format I’d mention her humor, interest in trying new foods and expanding her expressed emotional attatchment to people in her world beyond Mom and Babe bonding. She’s special and dear to us all, and as people predicted while I was pregnant–I can’t imagine life without this little girl.

She’s smiling almost every waking moment–enjoying attention from aunties and uncle, or in response to somthing silly done by Brother who is constantly by her side.

Carly completely admires Deeder as she looks at him with that smile in her eyes, perhaps without knowing it she’s looking forward to the day when they can run and play together.I started her on solids because she was so persistent in reaching for whatever food that I was serving her brother.

When smiling doesn’t seem enough to Carly for expressing joy in a happy or humorous moment she sticks her tongue out. It’s so cute that we can’t help but laugh each time she does it. :)

My daughter is becoming more mobile–she scoots somehow on her back, moving her body off the lambskin mat and blanket which we place underneath to double the padding size underneath her (is that a sentance?). It will be awhile yet before she can sit independently, but she sure is commited to practicing in her own way.
Unlike Deeder, she has no interest in playing on her belly and refuses to be in that position for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Carly Annalise Taryn is 15lbs and 24 inches long by my measurement and scale; 50th percentile for length and 75th for weight.

Grain Belt Beer

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

OK, nearly wordless wednesday… I think this one requires explanation.

This was one of the snaps I took of Deeder when we were visiting the big buffalo in North Dakota–they have a little town there that’s supposed to be authentic frontier village set up, here he’s in the bar.

Sleep Number

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

You know those Sealy Sleep Number beds that they advertise on TV with the sheep? Each one sports a number on it’s side, the deep meaning here is that if you have one of these beds you’ll never have to “count sheep” again. The beds are individually contoured for your sleep needs, proving the perfect level of satisfying slumber–even in queen sized beds, each side has a unique and alterable technology which allows the sleeper perfect comfort.

If I were independently wealthy there’s no doubt that I’d have one of these tricked out beds!

Currently though, I’m not in the market for a $4,249.98 bed, sorry Sealy.

When I feel tired I drink coffee. When my neck feels sore I add or take away a pillow; when I’m pregnant and can’t get comfy my husband sleeps on the couch because my constant switching positions disturbs him. If I’m feeling drained of energy I lay down and pass out, these are the bits of reason that have evolved over my sleep experiences.

As my kids are growing they have trouble sleeping from time to time and I have to apply myself to thinking of a way to help them get more rest.

Yesterday I wrote about Carly being more comfortable on a large bed than in the cradle. Deeder has found sleeping happiness in the crib but since he tosses off his blankets at some point during the night he wakes feeling cold.

Could it be that since Carly doesn’t have blankets in her cradle she too was waking due to having not enough warmth during the hours she was supposed to be sleeping?

With my mom’s recommendation I added an extra layer of clothing from head to toe on both the kids. Upping their sleep numbers from one layer of pjs to two suits each seems to have really done the job. This change increased the number of hours they spend a sleep each night.

Turns out that this change is just what they needed! Deeder with his two sleepers slept all night and woke feeling non-frozen, Carly slept through the night and woke happy and full of baby energy. :)

Kids during noon nap:

Carly in the swing…

Deeder crunched up on his pillow, not so comfortable looking, but whatever works…

Carly’s Sleep

Monday, October 27th, 2008

So we’ve learned that having Deeder sleep in the twin sized bed was a no-go failure idea.

In then to the crib he has gone, and with that have returned all night slumbers that were nothing but sweet memories from our old house. Now they are here again and I’m so happy for that.

Carly however must also be moved to make room for Deeder. Where to put her seemed obvious enough to me–because she’s small I’d put her in the cradle my dad made, she’d fit just right.

And size wise she did.

The cradle is just a bit longer, and slightly wider than Baby Moses basket where she spent so much of her time when we lived in Vermont. After being moved into the cradle last week she’s been waking every two hours, sometimes not wanting to go back to sleep. It seems that this is like a reversion to a past stage of babyhood, the pattern of sleep a young infant life.

Last night I felt completely exhausted after four of these waking, the last at 6:30AM. Deeder slept soundly, not even stirring at all with Carly’s cries. Tired myself and wanting to lay her down anywhere but the cradle or with Brother I set her in the twin sized bed.

It’s 11:40AM, nearly lunch time and my five month old is sleeping so peacefully that I wonder if this should be her new sleep zone.

From the two pictures here you can see the problem–too much linens…any pediatrician would be shocked and say that I’m endangering this little girls life. Entirely putting her at risk of suffocation, and I guess they’d be right. Suggestions?