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   Dec 31

Happy New Year

From our Family to yours! Thanks for reading oraeley.com and please come back next year as the adventures only get bigger and better. The unknown part of life can sometimes be the most interesting, so stay tuned for further developments. :)

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   Dec 30

2008 in Review

In 2008 I learned that laundry and dishes keep coming. January 2008 I was pregnant with Carly and busy watching 18 month old Diederick. Finally Deeder’s baby jabber sounds were beginning to evolve into actual words–I was strongly trying to encourage this but had no idea that it would take him a whole year to […]

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   Dec 29

Carly Annalise Taryn: 6 & 7 Months

Carly adores her big brother, and I’m so happy for that. In fact, they’re together so much that the casual photo snaps aimed her way also include 28 month old Diederick. It’s the prompted photo shoot done during his nap time where I can capture Carly working on her sitting skills that you might expect […]

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   Dec 28

Walking Together

Deeder loves to help Carly learn, I hope it’ll always be that way! In this case he’s moving the walker forward… Which Carly, like her brother before her, can’t do alone.

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   Dec 27

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Hey guys, As you might have guessed I’ve been snowed. Yep, snowed. Our tall internet receptor pole thing fell off and has been hidden under snow. This happening makes getting on line impossible and that’s the reason I haven’t been here to post more and more snow pictures. Have you missed having those? If you […]

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