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   Jan 30

A Scene

From our morning… Deeder eating Grandma’s bread topped with raspberry jam and cream cheese, with a tippy full of milk. Carly having Gerber yogurt drink diluted in one of Deeder’s cup. Next to her foot is my cup of coffee, one of three, or did I have four this morning? I woke finding myself in […]

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   Jan 29

Carly Annalise Taryn: 8 Months

This month Carly cut two teeth. She also fussed plenty, smiled and is learning some words. She seems to have read the baby language development book and is starting from the top. With smiles, gooing/cooing. One of her most applauded is “DahDah” she says it when she sees Darren, I’m sure it entirely makes him […]

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   Jan 26

Mommy Cow & Carly Cow

My son has decided on names for these cows bought for him by GrammaMomma. Any guesses or did the title give it away? Yep. I’m a cow. And my daughter is too. Oh and Carly how knows how to “dink dink” (drink drink) from Mommy Cow. This is cute and sad together. (the face Deeder […]

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   Jan 23

You Ask Too Many Questions

Word of advice from my dad tonight: You ask too many questions I didn’t need half a second to realize exactly what he was talking about. During Diederick and my time together I continually ask him what he would like to do. In my mind it’s a cover up for shouting at him, insisting that […]

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   Jan 21

Frozen Fruit

While Deeder and I were out playing on this fine sunny winter day I spotted these grapes. They’re hanging tight to the vine as if ripening and being eaten was still going to happen. Aren’t they beautiful? In that sad sort of lonely way. Deeder was more interested in finding out what had happened to […]

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