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Sleep My Baby Sleep

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009



The kids seem to sleep in shifts–when Deeder’s asleep Carly’s awake, or visa versa.

There’ve been a couple things sitting on my To Do list for a whole week without my even getting near.
And so, since I’m dying to get those things done I try my hardest to get near them when the kids are out of my way. Usually I’m thankful to have general clean up done at the end of our day and say that the next day I’ll get to the bathroom cleaning and the menu making.

Putting dinner on the table is a day to day feat that I consider something to be proud of, rather than something that comes with natural ease–hopefully the swing of it will come soon.

Carly finally has her top two teeth. She hates napping but their coming through has been an exhausting process so it totally flatten her–kind of how I feel with morning sickness sleepies, just draining.

Deeder needs naps still, he’ll go from 3:30 to 7. Then of course with that much sleep he doesn’t (can’t) sleep for the night until 10:30/ 11pm. I know the chances of my being counselled to wean him of naps is quite high, and I have tried. But he’s a miserable mess if he goes without an afternoon snooze. In the space of time since we moved in to NewHouse Deeder’s fallen asleep in his high chair four times–he’s either dropped mid-dinner or during snack on one of those days when I’ve tried to get him to skip nap.

Darren has been working night shift on his days off from working evenings. Poor fellow. This means we don’t see him very often and have to keep our volume down so that he can get adequate rest.

Me? I haven’t broken myself from coffee dependance as pregnant people are supposed to. I love chocolate and peanut butter too, and fruit juice…all not advised eating for people in the baby growing business. Also, I don’t think we should buy Pringles anymore–too addictive. Always hungry, always sleepless, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

I am so thankful to have my fam near–they come over to visit even though I don’t have yummy homemade snacks to offer or anything super special going on. My mom has included the kids and I on her errand running trips (even though it’s an extra hastle) which we’ve really enjoyed. Thanks, Mom :)

Signing off now–Deeder wants to go looking at the construction trucks that are putting up houses nearby. In his excitement on my saying yes he woke up the light sleeper sister who we were hoping to leave behind.
Oh well, we’ll just feed her and bundle her up to come in the stroller–if we’re lucky she’ll go back to sleep. In 200 days I know I’ll laugh and say I had it easy, “back in those days.”

Really I’m not an entirely negative person–I will write a fun interesting post soon, I hope.

Thank you, people who have encouraged me to keep writing. :)

As I get more settled in at the new house I imagine I’ll develop an easy flow routine that gives me time to write more and I so look forward to that.

Carly is on video :)

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


Hasn’t she grown so much since last seen on video?

October’s Child

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

We’re expecting another baby…

October 11th is his/her estimated arrival date.

You’re shocked? Think I’m crazy?

It’ll be great. :)

An adventure…

Stay tuned, keep me company and read when I write. :P

And if you have any doctor recommendations let me know!

I wont be writing on Waking Early yet since I’m not done editing it from my last pregnancy.
Wasn’t Carly just born?

So we’re having an October baby this year; I can hardly believe it but know we’ll be up for whatever God has in store this time around.
I’m glad to have such a good explanation for my huge appetite and moody behavior!

Congratulations going out to Ben and Kathryn who just brought home their 5th! Little Jack joins Matt, Gabe, Anna and Sophia. :)

Making Our Mark

Friday, March 13th, 2009

What a wonderful feeling to start out in a new house where the cupboards are entirely clean and the toilet has never been used (to my knowledge anyway!). Any and all filth will be ours–a fresh start. No wiping years of grime off stair rails or digging unknown layers of filth out of between pieces of tile.

Today’s that first official big cleaning up day. The day where I clean and scrub away all the mess that we’ve made–clean the bathrooms and all that.

Deeder’ll help me with the windows, after all, they are his finger prints on the dining room sliding door and all over the living room windows. We vacuum and sweep up every day.

Today our first guests come over and Sunday we may have more people coming…

Time to show that this house functions as a home.

It’s our house and our mess–we’ve made our mark and are okay with it. Houses are for living in and living involves mess.

My basement is still full of boxes, I’m wondering if all that stuff will ever have a place other than serving as an excellent and highly attractive jungle gym for Deeder.

Writing from Iceland

Monday, March 9th, 2009

What cold weather!

We woke up this morning to see snow outside–it is March right, and this is the Pacific Northwest, right? It’s not supposed to be SNOWING. Anyway, today the northeaster wind is whistling around the house giving Deeder, Carly and I the opportunity to discover which windows in NewHouse are drafty.

It’s great to have a house to live in and a thermostat to control (in VT our land lady had that on her half of the building so we were often left feeling winter indoors). It’s also great to have a phone, and the Internet. Unfortunately wireless isn’t working for my laptop so I am downstairs in the basement to write, layered up in a sweatshirt and coat with my warm clogs on. Ah the coldness of basements.

Anyway, we are enjoying our new place–we did get a refridgerator before moving in (thankfully) and shortly after a washer and dryer, because, as Darren says, a house isn’t a home until you can do your own clothing.

I’ve taken tons of pictures, and do have a lot of blog posts in my mind…
Missing my USB plug in cord though, so that’s on the list of Things Yet to Be Found.

I was happy to find a finger nail trimmer, and am still hunting for other life necessities. I frequently find myself saying, “Well it’s got to be here somewhere.”

Over this time of silence on my part I’ve been positive that at least half of you would drop away and give up on me. Thanks for checking in–I so appreciate that. :)

And of course, wonderful GrammaMomma for writing in to say that I am not dead. She is also to be thanked for babysitting my babies on Saturday so that I could hang out in Seattle with my brother! That was way cool–entirely a blog post of it’s own.