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   Mar 25

Sleep My Baby Sleep

The kids seem to sleep in shifts–when Deeder’s asleep Carly’s awake, or visa versa. There’ve been a couple things sitting on my To Do list for a whole week without my even getting near. And so, since I’m dying to get those things done I try my hardest to get near them when the kids […]

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   Mar 19

Carly is on video :)

Hasn’t she grown so much since last seen on video?

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   Mar 14

October’s Child

We’re expecting another baby… October 11th is his/her estimated arrival date. You’re shocked? Think I’m crazy? It’ll be great. :) An adventure… Stay tuned, keep me company and read when I write. :P And if you have any doctor recommendations let me know! I wont be writing on Waking Early yet since I’m not done […]

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   Mar 13

Making Our Mark

What a wonderful feeling to start out in a new house where the cupboards are entirely clean and the toilet has never been used (to my knowledge anyway!). Any and all filth will be ours–a fresh start. No wiping years of grime off stair rails or digging unknown layers of filth out of between pieces […]

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   Mar 09

Writing from Iceland

What cold weather! We woke up this morning to see snow outside–it is March right, and this is the Pacific Northwest, right? It’s not supposed to be SNOWING. Anyway, today the northeaster wind is whistling around the house giving Deeder, Carly and I the opportunity to discover which windows in NewHouse are drafty. It’s great […]

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