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Wordless Wednesday: Waiting

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009



My son fell asleep on the couch while waiting for me to take him outside, poor boy.

Did I put household clean up above enjoying time with my kids?

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Baby Beauty

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


It’s no secret that my kids make me crazy sometimes. Or, more truthfully, they can bring out the surpressed insanity that I manage to mask. How’s that sound? Terrible, yeah I know.

But check this out. Isn’t she just the real thing…
Why my nights don’t mind having fragmented sleep and my days manage to be okay without naps where I really close my eyes for five minutes straight.

My husband says that there has to be an easier way to get through what I consider stressful. This is it, a sweet baby smile turned to peaceful slumber. Watching that makes everything smooth out.




It’s important to me that the kids enjoy life, even with my feeling like it’s chaodic I still hope to see them smile and laugh, and they do. I’m also starting to feel our new baby move beyond those first flutters–with still so many weeks before s/he arrives, I’m already imagining how busy my world will be.

Carly’s nap on the floor lasted about four minutes, ending when Deeder came in loudly requesting that we go outside. Oh well, I got pictures to prove that there was a pause.

Billy the Bunny

Friday, April 24th, 2009





Deeder adores Billy, Carly’s crazy about him too. As for Billy’s thoughts on the children, I think he’d prefer for them to be on the outside of the cage and himself on the inside. He senses the possible harm they could cause him, but as yet both parties have been farely respectful of each other.
I’m really glad that Darren doesn’t seem to mind having a rabbit in the house–if Billy were outside we certainly wouldn’t be getting to know him as well as we are with him right in our main traffic area.

Funny things that have happened so far…

Deeder kissing Billy right between the eyes and saying, “I love you, Biwwy” Deeder likes getting in the cage and laying on his belly, face to face with Billy, softly stroking the bunny’s head and whispering sweet little nothings. This is what I wanted, a friend for Deeder to love and cherish. If we take good care of Billy, he should see the good old age of 10 years.

Second funny moment:
When I got home last night from an outing with my mom I noticed Billy behaving differently. Someone had forgotten to close the shades on the sliding glass door and since it was dark outside the door was causing a reflective effect to the nearby Billy. He was looking directly at what I assume he thought was another male bunny and repeatedly thumping his hind feet down on the floor of his cage as rabbits do when trying to assurt dominance and scare away an intruder.
I think we might have a real watch bunny on our hands! As soon as I’d closed off the reflection by shutting the blinds Billy settled down in his litter box (which he believes to be a bed) and went to sleep.

Here’s a video of Billy enjoying his cage this morning after a cleaning. I noticed that the cage was stinky that evening that I arrived home to find Billy busy chasing away his shadow.
Perhaps male bunny’s use peepee smell to mark territory like tom cats do. That should all stop when we get Billy neutered next month.

Anyway, enjoy the video. This is our Billy Boy…

Happy Earth Day :)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Today I make the resolution to…

Keep Carly in cloth diapers (something I have fallen out of the habit of doing since we moved to NewHouse

And work extra hard on getting Deeder to “go” on the potty.

How are you honoring the day? Any special plans to be especially Green today?

An Addition to Our Family

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

We’re getting a pet, an unusual one at that. :)

He’ll be coming home tomorrow in the late afternoon and I’m just so excited to meet him! Any bunny name ideas? I was thinking about Cocoa Bean. The bunny’s name is currently Billy, that’s a bit too close to the name we’re planning on for our baby.

PS: I have plenty of really cute pictures of my kids taken over the past couple sunshine filled days, you just haven’t seen them because my laptop is currently out of commission.