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   Jul 30

It’s Sunny and it’s Hot

As you saw yesterday, totally limited brain functions on me! No words for poor Carly’s 14 month update. :P All I can think about is how sweaty I am, and then there’s the poor kids too who are also vastly tired of our recent heat wave. Wednesday afternoon I took some pictures of Carly and […]

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   Jul 29

Carly Annalise Taryn: 14 Months

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   Jul 28

Consign Everything?

When did the toys become so unorganized? Maybe I never sorted them out of the box and they just sort of fell out by natural causes.

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   Jul 25

Loving and Appreciating

My mom and I just went to the funeral of a boy who died, drowned in the Nooksack River. The pastor who spoke said that it was Ben’s time to go–none of us know when our time to go is, could be tomorrow…could be this morning, there’s no way of knowing. But would you want […]

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   Jul 15

he’s three?

How did it happen? I have no idea where the time’s gone and can’t believe that there isn’t a baby boy on that side of the camera anymore. Is my guy really that old already? All parents say this about theirs and I’m feeling it just as strongly as any before me has–sad and excited […]

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