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Happy, happy to yooouu!

Monday, August 31st, 2009

August09 556

Diederick and Carly’s Auntie Lydia turned 16 today. :)
My mom and dad got home just this afternoon so we didn’t have the traditional homemade meal of birthday boy or girl’s picking with a yummy momma made cake, but we did have the happy birthday song and togetherness!
For dinner we had pizza and then this great chocolate cake absolutely covered in candles!

Carly’s New Ouchie

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Diederick is always reminding Carly, “No more ouchies, Cary” when she comes near a situation which to him appears to pose imminent danger. If she doesn’t heed his warning he runs over and grabs her by the shirt and yanks her toward himself. While she’d appriciate this if she saw the greater picture she currently only view it all as extremely irritating. His quick pull on her clothes throws her off balance resulting in her either landing hard on her bottom or nearly on her back. She quickly gets up and tries to smack him. I almost always manage to intervene somewhere in this whole cycle of events and stop it somewhere before a real fight can ensue.

Unfortunately neither Deeder or I can be 100% of the time at Carly’s side ready to attempt at resue and protection. Yesterday one of those unfortunate moments came.

August09 523

She didn’t want comfort, just to sit alone and cry about it.

August09 519

August09 522
I gave her arnica and an icepack. She liked the arnica (it has a sweet taste) but wanted to have nothing to do with the ice. Deeder took it upon himself to hold her down and press the coldpack to her head–no picture of that since I was trying to make it less of a fights and more of the soothing, healing thing that Deeder was hoping for.
How’d the skinned head happen? Carly took a dive out of the stroller–lets be thankful that it wasn’t a moving stroller.

Tubby Video for GrammaMomma

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

After viewing this video that I took of him in the bath a couple nights ago Deeder laughed and said, “I funny boy, Mommy! It’s for Gamma.” Really I couldn’t tell you that I know why he wants this to be for my mom, nevertheless, here it is for GrammaMomma to watch.
We sure are looking forward to your arriving home again, Mom! I miss seeing you so regularly and I know that the kids and Darren (as well as Rebecca, Lydia and Seth) do too.

Perhaps Deeder wants you to see this because he knows you’re proud of him for doing new things and he rates soaping himself up as an especially cool accomplishment!

Cousin Claire Visits

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Picnik collage4

My sister and her husband along with their baby daughter came over after church for lunch and hang out a bit and of course I got the camera out for some memory capturing. Auntie Kayla, Auntie Cadet, Auntie Lyd (who turns 16 tomorrow!!), and Uncle Seth came over as well so we had a house full. :)
It was so nice to have the house full of conversation and laughter, and of course the table piled with yummy things to eat…all in all, an enjoyable afternoon.

I thought I’d put a couple pictures of the kids up for you to see and then on facebook I’ll have a few more.

Deeder clearly adores his little cousin. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to have a baby of his own here soon and just be a superb big brother. Carly was certainly interested in touching Claire, reaching for her and wanting to get as close as possible, but she isn’t quite old enough to understand babies or know to be careful.

Picnik collage3


Friday, August 28th, 2009

How can you go around with things like this:

August09 496In hand and expect no bath at the end of the day?

Diederick thought he’d try his luck at getting out of the inevitable…
Tactic: Lay in bed (looking as good as possible) and insist that you are, in fact, too tired to be cleaned.

In the end, he was happy and I was too.

August09 413

Bath’s are good. :)
Funny that Diederick can enjoy getting himself covered in all sorts of sandy smelliness but doesn’t find the thought of a nice clean bath attractive.