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Three Minutes

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

We had a relaxing day today. I’m talking loads of reading, easy dinner and organizing the playroom. We tried to go outside for a bit of fresh air but that didn’t last long with all on-and-off rainy spells. I did get out the camera this afternoon so that I could do a little blog post.

Here’s three minutes from our Tuesday:

September09 163

Deeder enjoys changing this chair into a train, and taking Carly for rides in it. Interesting that it’s never a car…

September09 169

Carly can’t seem to manage sitting next to me on the couch to hear a story with her brother but can spend endless amounts of time.

Tomorrow is Diederick’s first pediatric appointment since we’ve lived here. His last was back in Brattleboro after he turned 2!
I filled out the 36 Month Development Survey that we received from the new clinic; there were only a few things that Deeder couldn’t do, like stand on one foot without support, put on a shirt without assistance. He thought that the whole thing was very funny and quite fun.

No Time to Blog

Monday, September 28th, 2009

September09 161

This little girl’s mommy is ready to have a nice deep snooze by noon and when she’s up she can’t seem to find the time to play. Mommy’s nervous and excited and Carly doesn’t know why. These next few weeks are count down…I wish I could make it go by slower and make more memories with Carly and her big brother but I just don’t have the energy. I hope they forgive me.

Blog posts pile up in my mind but don’t make it to the page, just like fun project ideas for my kids don’t manage to actualize. It’s a good thing just keeping the house clean and making meals–busier days just around the corner.

We’re excited…
I hope to keep writing (and taking pictures), thanks for reading!

September09 154

Crazy Girl

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

This is now the Classic Carly expression:

From this (not noticing that the camera is on her)
September09 118

To this (a pose?)

September09 121

Hopefully the camera face will tame up before her teenage years come around.
Also, the hair…but we’ll think about that later.

A Slight Case of Nesting

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Morning sickness is one of the first signs of pregnancy for quite a few ladies (thankfully not me!) and then there’s Nesting. It comes around sometime during the third trimester of expectancy and is also experienced in most cases.

I’m there. Constant neatening and straightening and intending to clean. Nesting is one of my favorite bits of pregnancy–it’s a sudden surge of inspiration to be domestic and productive, and, if the victum is lucky, an extra boost of physical strength. The ability to achieve is great, but my strength is a total fake…completely an act of adrenaline, no doubt stemming from my knowlege that after I give birth I really will be unable to attend to household affairs in the way that I like.

My husband has done a smashing job putting up with me, and my family has pitched in too. Today my dad and brother came over and helped me move some heavy things (a desk, a dresser, and an unmovable super heavy chair) and Darren, despite being wiped out from a demanding work schedule, does the grocery shopping and his Honey Do list without complaining.

I’m one lucky nester!

Wedding Bells

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

September is just a beautiful time of the year to get married.

Darren and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary…

My sister Sarah and her husband Justin celebrate their 1st anni this next Sunday (with the baptism of their baby daughter!)

And today, my friend Elisabeth tied the knot with her sweetie. My mom and I attended the wedding and reception–it was really nice. :)

My big day seems a life time ago and just yesterday all at once, I think I may just feel that way each year that the date comes around. Darren and I feel like we’ve been through so much in these few years together; moves over great distance and then there’s the adventure of kids that we’ve only begun!
Life’s a journey and that joy in a new beginning in marriage is amazing, anything can happen. It’s like being born, just a new beginning. I love looking back at that and being thankful for all the developments in my life and how my husband and I have grown closer and into deeper love over our short four years as a married couple.
I wish equal happiness to the newly married couple and only good in every experience that God brings into their united lives.

Picnik collage

Chris and Elisabeth Higbee–9/12/09 :)