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Wedding Bells

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

September is just a beautiful time of the year to get married.

Darren and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary…

My sister Sarah and her husband Justin celebrate their 1st anni this next Sunday (with the baptism of their baby daughter!)

And today, my friend Elisabeth tied the knot with her sweetie. My mom and I attended the wedding and reception–it was really nice. :)

My big day seems a life time ago and just yesterday all at once, I think I may just feel that way each year that the date comes around. Darren and I feel like we’ve been through so much in these few years together; moves over great distance and then there’s the adventure of kids that we’ve only begun!
Life’s a journey and that joy in a new beginning in marriage is amazing, anything can happen. It’s like being born, just a new beginning. I love looking back at that and being thankful for all the developments in my life and how my husband and I have grown closer and into deeper love over our short four years as a married couple.
I wish equal happiness to the newly married couple and only good in every experience that God brings into their united lives.

Picnik collage

Chris and Elisabeth Higbee–9/12/09 :)