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   Oct 31

He’s *Finally* Here

Koen William Harr joins Diederick Dale and Carly Annalise Taryn!

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   Oct 23


I’m always receiving random things from Woot.com–today another package arrived. This one was great! Here’s what it had inside: I guess you know that I already had the kids. Guess how much Darren paid for these three buckets of blocks…. He told me five dollars. I wonder if that’s per bucket or for the whole […]

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   Oct 21

Thanks, Baby Tylenol

And Grampa for bringing some over! Very cool that GrammaMomma happened to have some on hand. :) Thank you, Mom and Dad! Carly was crying so hard that I had to put her in the highchair and wait for the energy to go on with the tears ended. She’d already been in her crib for […]

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   Oct 20

First Piggies

Cute, huh? If you know Carly you’re impressed to hear that this lasted a whole of five seconds.

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   Oct 17

Wordless Week…

It feels like so long since I last blogged. And really there’s nothing new to say–still waiting for the baby to meet my third little baby and waking up each morning to my usual mommy duties. A couple days ago I rearranged the living room on some sort of last surge of energy and extra […]

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