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   Nov 29

Koen William: 1 Month

The time I spend alone with Koen is primarily during the late night hours and into the wee hours of the morning. When it’s dark outside Koen exercises his lungs…or something, at this point I really don’t know what inspires the intensity of his regular crying fits. During the day I’m kept so busy that […]

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   Nov 04

Old Tricks, New Babies

This picture brought back memories, all too fresh memories. I had to smile seeing Carly do just what her older brother had done only months ago. I remember promising Diederick that Carly would grow up quickly and soon be up and playing with him. Little did he know then how short that time really would […]

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   Nov 03

Koen William: One Week Old

Koen sleeps, eats, and poops just like he’s supposed to at this age. He’s beautiful and exhausting and I could handle having so many more of him because he’s just so perfect. :) Big brother Diederick and adoring sister Carly love their brother as much as I do, neither one of them seem to have […]

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   Nov 01

splish splash splish splash

The kiddos and I had lots of fun outside on Saturday, perhaps more time than I should have spent. Here’s a couple pictures and a little video of them in a puddle that they happily discovered in the side yard. Yes, Carly was muddy and those shoes are totally soaked but so worth it.

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