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Our Little Cocoa Bean

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Koen William is 3 months old. And just so cute. :)

I’m actually still coming to grips with the fact that I have three kids. It’s not that I forget about Koen, I just can’t believe that he’s really here and that he’s mine. He smiles bright and beautifully, just as happy to be with us as we are to have him here.

Sadly the main difference between him and my other two is his constant cough. He sleeps and coughs.
My baby is growing at a good pace and seems healthy in his eating habits and everything. The cough came home from the hospital with him, it’s just still here…no worse, no better.

Koen’s a sweet heart. That smile of his is gloriously cute. He isn’t a baby that people look at and say, “Now there’s no mistaking him for a girl!” He’s just beautiful, deep blue eyes and the little wisps of dark hair.

Carly calls her little brother “Coco” and Deeder calls him “Koen Willam”
I like Cocoa Bean best and hope it’ll stick!

This one certainly is a favorite for me.
Deeder with his classic “I know this is dangerous but it’s just so fun!” expression and Koen oblivious to what’s coming his way…a total face plant (don’t worry, he wasn’t too badly damaged).

As I look at this picture I imagine how the boys might have their own individual appearance as they get older. Right now they look pretty close, but to me Deeder seems fairer in complection whereas Koen has darker blue in his eyes and the hair he was born with was quite darker than the little tuft that my Deeder came with.

So our little Cocoa Bean is three months old, happy days. :)
He only wakes up twice at night now instead of being up constantly, that’s something that I’m very thankful for. Deeder tells me that he’s ready for, “a girl baby koen to be in your tummy now, momma.”

Maybe he’s had enough with this Boy Baby Koen? Or perhaps it’s just the more the merrier? I can go along with that! :)

Lucky Me

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

My Precious Three Year Old.

Deeder is developing into such a wonderfully precocious young lad.

He says surprising little things that really make me smile and just be happy to be here.
Today I’m thinking of his fashion sense and his current case of germaphobia–both qualities of unknown origin.

Example of the first:
Yesterday morning as I was trying on an outfit that I thought should fit me. The mirror was telling me that the dress was rather far from attractive. I turned around, then around again just to make sure that there wasn’t chance of my being able to carry this off. Nope, butt too big. The frustrations of pregnancy weight!

I was totally into myself, not thinking yet about my kids waking up in the near future…this was a me sort of moment. There was Deeder though in the early stages of waking and he was watching me. He said, “Hey Mommy, you a princess!” I asked him what he meant and he said as casually as could be, “I don’t know, just cuz you’re so beautiful.”
I almost wore the dress, unfortunately, I really am too big yet and not everyone has the eyes of my 3-year-old.

Diederick often admires his aunties attire. I heard him telling Auntie Kaya that he entirely approved (Kayla might remember his exact words) her jacket and boots, the compliment no doubt included something about princesses.

Carly’s his number one princess. Although they bicker, he holds her in high esteem. When she’s asleep and he’s snacking he leaves half of what I gave him and carefully saves it in the fridge for Sissy. When she’s out of his sight he askes me, “What’d you do with my Cary?”

One thing he doesn’t like about Carly is her backwash and sticky hands. There’s no sharing a juice or milk sippy with Carly or holding her hand before she’s been totally scrubbed down.
Also, wherever she has sat to eat must be wiped down with soap and water before he’ll use it for himself. I really try to oblige him since I ought to clean up more regularly anyway.

Deeder adores his baby brother just as much as he loves his crazy Cary.

I try each day to appriciate the sweet individuality in each of the little blessings that I’ve been so honored to receive.

But boy do they ever steal energy that I thought I could maintain a little more than I really do!

At the end of the day I drop dead only to wake up all too soon for another day of doing whatever needs to be done. Then again and again, waking wishing that I’d done more.

I am lucky.

To have everything that I have, to be loved by these little people.

the difference

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

The difference between girls and boys is supposed to be noticable, everyone tells me that. And in recent days I really see that it’s true!
Deeder loves to tease and Carly response with a total melodrama which does nothing more than encourage him to pursue perfection in the art of annoying sisters.

Check this out.

At first glance everyone is cute:

(although, the trained eye may notice a devious look in Deeder’s eye)

Boy brother intentionally irritates little sister:

Little sister melts down while boys look on as if they had no idea what the problem was. Poor Carly, such a victim of circumstance and such a taddle too.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

two seven eight and a nine please

Monday, January 11th, 2010

What would you think if asked by a three year old “can I have two seven eight nine in a cup?” As with just about everything around here, it’s all about context. So lets take this apart.

1.) He can’t really count.
Conclusion: List of random numbers equals “I want a whole lot”

2.) What was the last thing that he got that came in a cup and was more than one.

Did I mention Sissy is standing next to Deeder saying, “Cah Cah Cah Cah!” at the top of her lungs in that super excited voice.

That too requires interpretation.

In the end, it was chocolate that they got.
I didn’t read anything into the fact that previous to this sudden need for chocolate they were playing with their Noah’s Ark book.