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   Jan 27

Our Little Cocoa Bean

Koen William is 3 months old. And just so cute. :) I’m actually still coming to grips with the fact that I have three kids. It’s not that I forget about Koen, I just can’t believe that he’s really here and that he’s mine. He smiles bright and beautifully, just as happy to be with […]

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   Jan 26

Lucky Me

My Precious Three Year Old. Deeder is developing into such a wonderfully precocious young lad. He says surprising little things that really make me smile and just be happy to be here. Today I’m thinking of his fashion sense and his current case of germaphobia–both qualities of unknown origin. Example of the first: Yesterday morning […]

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   Jan 22

the difference

The difference between girls and boys is supposed to be noticable, everyone tells me that. And in recent days I really see that it’s true! Deeder loves to tease and Carly response with a total melodrama which does nothing more than encourage him to pursue perfection in the art of annoying sisters. Check this out. […]

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   Jan 12

Wordless Wednesday

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   Jan 11

two seven eight and a nine please

What would you think if asked by a three year old “can I have two seven eight nine in a cup?” As with just about everything around here, it’s all about context. So lets take this apart. 1.) He can’t really count. Conclusion: List of random numbers equals “I want a whole lot” 2.) What […]

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