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   Feb 22

Talking With God

Me: “Deeder what are you doing up?” Deeder: “I just wake up.” Me: “You need to go potty? We should do that, then you should go back to bed.” Deeder: “No way! God told me to be awake. He said, ‘Deedick, it’s morning time. I put up sunshine for you.’” “God said that, huh?” “Yep. […]

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   Feb 08


He’s so cute!

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   Feb 03

Wordless Wednesday: Rare Sighting!!

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   Feb 01

fun with auntie teesey

Koen and I hung out with my sister Kayla this weekend. She picked us up Friday evening after a quick chow down on left over pizza and visit with Deeder and Carly so that they wouldn’t feel too excluded. Apologies to Kayla for not making a real meal for her!!! We packed our garbage bag […]

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