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Talking With God

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Me: “Deeder what are you doing up?”

Deeder: “I just wake up.”

Me: “You need to go potty? We should do that, then you should go back to bed.”

Deeder: “No way! God told me to be awake. He said, ‘Deedick, it’s morning time. I put up sunshine for you.'”

“God said that, huh?”

“Yep. He tell me though that I need to watch this princess movie too.”
(holds up Anastasia)


“Yes, He’s in Heaven and he speaked to me. It’s because it’s really cute. Bad guy have horns and little good guy kill him! I said bad word. I say KILL, Mommy.”

A little history on this.
Deeder stayed up until 1am. It was one of those nights where you would think–judging by his chipperness–that someone had injected a hardy dose of caffeine directly into his blood stream. His only nap of the day had been during evening worship.

I usually don’t let Deeder watch movies first thing in the morning.

Usually I make him do normal things like eat breakfast and read books or play with his trainset. I find that this sets him off on a better track. If he goes right from sleep to a movie I can pretty much count on him being a grouch all day. Just the way that it all works out.

Deeder goes throught bouts of spiritual thoughts which randomly come upon him.

Another example of his is from just last night when he told me that there was a burning bush and that Daddy was in the middle of it, “but not burning up.”
My boy concluded this story by saying, “Isn’t that amazing, Mommy? God did that to Daddy.” Being the reasonable mommy that I am, I asked Deeder where he saw this burning bush. He casually said, “Oh, just in that field over there. Just all by itself. God do that.”

Who am I to argue with that?
Also, I figured that if I made any correction I might mar the moment.
I love that he’s thinking about God and starting to think about things, no matter how strange it all sounds at this time.

  • sweety!

    Monday, February 8th, 2010

    He’s so cute!

    Wordless Wednesday: Rare Sighting!!

    Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

    fun with auntie teesey

    Monday, February 1st, 2010

    Koen and I hung out with my sister Kayla this weekend. She picked us up Friday evening after a quick chow down on left over pizza and visit with Deeder and Carly so that they wouldn’t feel too excluded. Apologies to Kayla for not making a real meal for her!!!

    We packed our garbage bag of jammies and second day clothes and headed out to her place to spend the night. She took us to a video place in B’ham and we picked out a couple movies for the sleep over.
    I found that I no longer am able to stay up until 1am for a movie…a second apology there…I’m really a married woman with children to not pull that one off.

    I am however, when given the chance, able to sleep in until noon and that I did. How is it that my little son slept in until 11:30?! He hasn’t done that since he left the womb.
    T took us out to brunch at Mountbakery (that was it, right?) and that was super yummy.
    The plan was to shop down town as long as Deeder would hold out, that went *really* well. After strolling around for a bit and spending money we made a stop at Target.

    That day I found some cute earings,a few nice tops that fit my overweight self (hehe), a scarf and the most awesomest boots that I could ever wish for. :)

    We stopped back at T’s to feed her kitties then she drove Koen and I home to our place in Nooksack.

    All in all a great outing. Something that I haven’t been able to do in over four years. Thanks, Kayla for the hospitality and Darren for watching my Diederick and Carly.