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   Mar 28

Family Photo!

These are pretty rare. I don’t mind too very much that no one’s really looking in the same direction.

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   Mar 26

My baby is five months old

Koen turned five months the other day. I said he was four months in the video no doubt being confused by the fact that he just had a four month wellness visit a week ago. Also, I don’t keep track of his tiny milestones quite as nicely as I did with his big brother. Koen […]

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   Mar 15

my new look

After hours and hours of labor intensive back combing courtesy of Kayla, Rebecca and GrammaMomma, I now have dreadlocks! I think that I need three more up front, if anyone is willing to help me with that…

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   Mar 13

Baby Dreadies

Deeder says that my hair is, “keepy” Thank you, Kayla and Rebecca for all your time…I can’t believe it’s only half way done after all your work. I imagine if you’d known it would take so long…well, I guess it’s to my advantage that you didn’t know? I promise that I’ll try to think of […]

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   Mar 12

quiet time!

Today I’m REALLY hoping that my kids will nap. If they do, my sisters Kayla and maybe Rebecca will come over and hopefully finish my dreads. I put in the first four last Friday, then Wednesday night the girls put in 11 more and sectioned the rest of my hair. Caring for my new locks […]

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