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Play Situation

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Darren often points out my aptitude to focus on things that I want rather than things that we have. I like to tell him that he’s generalizing.

I’m a half full kind of person, half empty is so not me. Right? Not so when it comes to the whole issue of outdoor play. Check this out.

The main attraction for my kids is an empty rabbit cage. We never got around to breaking it up after the rabbits demonstrated the worn down condition which it is in. They were able to chew their way out. I don’t mind waiting for the rot to be flatted and taken away, that is, if my kids didn’t go for it like they do.

Deeder likes climbing in the bottom, and up on a ledge. Could be worse, but still…not the ideal play thing. Then there’s the whole rusty nail thing, anything could happen with a kid Deeder’s age.

Carly loves riding (or attempting to) Deeder’s big wheel. She’s too small to reach the peddles yet. When she rides out front she slides down the drive and into the street if an adult isn’t standing right in front of her. In the back, the square piece of cement isn’t big enough for a real ride–she runs over into the grass and gets stuck, causing frustration and tears, eventual loss of interest.

If money weren’t an object I’d love to:

Create pathways for Carly to ride the big wheel, and add a nice climbing structure right in the middle of the yard to add interest and offer a safe and fun climbing spot for Deeder and any other little people who he’d invite in. I’d also like to plant a couple of great shade trees and then a hedge to divide the front and back yard, giving the effect of a secluded private play area. The back yard would then be an enjoyable and relaxing awasis.

Maybe first I’d better plant a tree that grows money year round.


Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Brothers Mitch and Philip still at home I wanted to spend a little time there to visit with them. Thanks to Rebecca helping me walk Koen and Carly over to my mom and dad’s place I was able to do that. :)

Here are some pictures…

(seth let carly play basket ball–an activity which she enjoyed very much.)
Thank you today, Darren, for cooking up a delicious meal for everyone. :)
That made my day so much easier and, always enjoyable to have yummy food to eat. I think my favorite was the spaetzle…uber yum. And that turkey will make super sandwiches tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s back to school for those who were off for Spring break. And for Mommies like me, it’s just another Monday.

Monday’s are fights for sanity and survival of the fittest. For some reason I always feel mildly surprised that I’m expected to do another Monday.

Saturday, and Blogging

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

I’m really a little too sleepy to write, but isn’t that the best time? I’ve decided that I want to write every day so I’m going to at least put something in here to start it all going again.

Our Saturday.

My brothers Mitch and Philip came down from Seattle for a little visit. They stopped in at our house for awhile then took Koen, Carly and I out to my mom and dad’s while Darren had Deeder out shopping for Sunday’s dinner.

Deeder joined us shortly at my mom and dads.
We spent a few hours over there; Deeder got to playing computer games with Seth (hopefully Seth didn’t mind the company), Carly napped after tiring of chasing cats, Koen got to be held by whoever passed through the house. In the midst of this I worked on my dreads.

(I adore seeing my dad hold my babies)

My nice momma made coffee for me while I was busy messing with my head. Thanks for the coffee, Mom. I’m still awake, even though it was only halfcaff. That’s a good thing, since I had a house to clean up and diapers to wash.
The diapers still need to be folded, but that can wait for tomorrow.

Time to sleep.

Blogging is a lot like working out, or organizing; if I procrastinate after supposedly comitting to consistency, yeah…not good.

Blur due to neglected camera lense.

Yeah, I get it…

Friday, April 9th, 2010

I need to write something fun.

OK. Tomorrow I’ll notice something and write about it.

I’ve taken to just living, smile and survive. :)

Well, and saying Thank You over and over to the lovely people in my life who help with all details.

You know, on Koen’s baby blog I never wrote in that he was born. Dude, I’m not kidding…that’s terrible.

Remember that post that I wrote called Sparling Grape? I’d love to take the time to write like that again, and on a regular basis too.

Anyway. 2am. Just got Koen to sleep.

Here’s a cute never-made-it-to-the-blog video of my Deeder and Carly, a couple weeks before Koen came into our family.

Sweet, huh? Undiepants dancy babies.
(I miss that space being open in the living room)

Who’s the baby?

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Isn’t that amazing? I love these times when I have pictures of my kids at the same age to compare. And that it’s all on my blog to look back at. Here’s pictures of Deeder when he was five months, then a video of Koen at five months along with his sister and big brother. Fun!