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Wordless Wednesday: Teething

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Diederick Dale: Four Years Old

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Deeder’s old enough now to anticipate and enjoy his party. He’s been looking forward to this day since at least May when we celebrated two-years for sister Carly.
I don’t think anyone let him down, with the slight exception of Mommy who can’t seem to find the order slip for monarch butterflies. More often then not I manage to find it’ll be safe here places that later are so safe that I can’t find the important thing at all.

Anyway. Blowing out candles was fun, aunties decorations were appriciated for sure, and opening gifts of course was super exciting!

Then there was the outdoor water fun.

Thank you everyone. And happy birthday to my beautiful boy.


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Our rabbits Waldo and Billy-Jo are seventeen months old now. They started out as indoor rabbits when they first became part of the family; shortly after Koen was born I decided that I couldn’t keep up with cleaning their litter box twice a day so we bought a good sized cage off and they’ve lived in that ever since. Just this past Friday Darren built a run for them out back and they just love it. :)

Notice Billy Jo in the corner on the second picture checking for escape routes. Ah yes.

Status Update

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

That’s about all I do anymore.

Update facebook status, and check out what you have to say for yourself in how many characters or less. Not sure what the official length on the “what’s on your mind” space at the top of the fb page, but that’s all I fill out…usually in a fragment sentence.

So here’s to signing on to blogs and investing a little more time, and depth too. Oh and aren’t pictures worth a thousand words?

Here’s one.

Here you see Carly being a hose hog. That day she was refusing to let anyone else water the plants. Like screaming at the top of her lungs if given any help in the water process. Yes, I could lock her in the house, maybe give her as spanking if I felt like a particularly controlling parent. That wouldn’t be very fair…despite my daily opportunities for frustration, I do try to give my kids the impression that I’m a nice person.

So what’s the harm here? If Koen’s crying and tired of being outside sometimes I do hurry things up with our out side chores.

On with the story.

In this picture you can see my, “flower garden”

A little on that:
When we first saw these houses (there are twelve identical to the one that Darren and I bought) I strongly disliked the square everything, that includes the itty front porch. It’s more like a stoop on stilts. I’d like to grow some vines up the stilts and conceal the stilt square look a bit, so I’ve planted a few honey suckle and black susan seeds along with other things that I hope will help with that. The back porch from the second story kitchen is even worse it really has the stilt look going on. Oh well.

Any hoo. The kids and I water daily. Thinking of our seeds and those other plants that we have out front. I’ve also put some viney things in the hanging baskets which I hope will also add a lived in look. Hopefully that’ll sort of work out.

Big changes:
We’ve ordered central air, that’ll be installed on the 7th of July. With the help of Barron heating we should be comfortably warm in winter and feel perfectly conditioned in the summer season. Worth the money? They say so, the ole “fraction of the cost” deal…this time we’ll believe and appreciate in the long run. Darren and I are feel pretty good with this premonition. Save in the long run is a good thing when we are just beginning residence in a place that we very well may be in for many years. If we do sell it will add value to the house, which is good.

Yesterday. We. Bought. A. Van.

Yes, really.

It’s a ’94 Ford Conversion and so far we love it. Darren and I set out thinking that we’d just look to get an idea on if we are interested in seeking out this sort of ride.
So far all we’ve looked at is the Chevi Astro van. It’s seats 8 and gets pretty good gas mileage, but just didn’t feel right for out needs.

The conversion is old, but the fit was nice and the mileage was good. The woman selling it said she’d go as low as $3,800. Turn down that? Not that day. We gave her cash and it’s ours…clean deal. Old van with potential and, Lord willing, plenty of healthy happy miles ahead

I think that’s about all for our family update.

If this were all in a family status I’d probably I’d just say I have house work galour to catch up on.

Diederick and Carly are doing the summer reading program. In the past ten days since we started that the children and I have walked back and forth from the library three times. That’s about a 45 minute for me with the triple stroller. Yes, we get comments and lots of second looks.

Signing off now to put a load of diapers in the dryer and to pour myself a third cup off coffee. Anyone thinking of offering to help me out today? I wouldn’t say no. :D