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   Jul 28

Wordless Wednesday: Teething

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   Jul 20

Diederick Dale: Four Years Old

Deeder’s old enough now to anticipate and enjoy his party. He’s been looking forward to this day since at least May when we celebrated two-years for sister Carly. I don’t think anyone let him down, with the slight exception of Mommy who can’t seem to find the order slip for monarch butterflies. More often then […]

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   Jul 06


Our rabbits Waldo and Billy-Jo are seventeen months old now. They started out as indoor rabbits when they first became part of the family; shortly after Koen was born I decided that I couldn’t keep up with cleaning their litter box twice a day so we bought a good sized cage off craigslist.org and they’ve […]

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   Jul 02

Status Update

That’s about all I do anymore. Update facebook status, and check out what you have to say for yourself in how many characters or less. Not sure what the official length on the “what’s on your mind” space at the top of the fb page, but that’s all I fill out…usually in a fragment sentence. […]

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