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Summer 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010

I still can’t believe that it’s 2010. That mean’s I’m old, right? Or maybe that I just don’t have to write the date on many papers. Most of my appointments are scribbled on sticky notes, sometimes I don’t even remember to write the month out, something that I usually have to count out on my fingers since I don’t remember that August is the 8th month of the year, dude, maybe this is too bad to confess…then again, either way you know that I’m beyond gone…shall I blame lack of sleep? No, I’ve used that one too often.

Here we are in August. My oldest has turned 4 a whole month ago and my 5th anniversary is coming up. Summer’s nearly done and I’ve done 42 loads of laundry, and not ironed one shirt. I’ve pulled countless dandelions and horse tails, the annuals have died and the perennials are looking nearly pathetic.

Often I wonder if I live in a groove or a rut.
Yesterday afternoon as I was out doing the dandelion and horsetail thing I was thinking how neat it is that I’m pulling weeds on propertly that I’m making housepayments on. What a cool thing to not be renting for life, that’s a blessing be it rut or groove.
As perennials die and calendar pages continue to turn, I’m happy and thankful.
I love watching my children grow.
Daily they give me opportunity to laugh, and I remember to smile and care for them, even during Carly and Diederick’s regular spats and Koen’s teething. We take loads of pictures and still I can’t believe how big the children are getting. When someone falls asleep as we’re reading or in the middle of late afternoon snack and need to be carried to bed I am surprised by how long said child is.
What happened to the baby, where’d this big preschooler come from? Not a beanstalk as Deeder suggested after watching Jack and the Beanstalk! He had me a little stuck when he proceeded to ask if he came from a seed and a goose. Hmm. Yeah, something like that.

Summer 2010. We’ve gone for many walks, visited the park almost daily and I’m pretty sure we’re the only people in town with a triple stroller! What will next summer hold? Or five summer’s from now? I’m still hoping that Diederick will be in school this fall. More adventures await, more blog posts, and more photos…even if today is identical to yesterday.

Diederick just came down to tell me, “Daddy is hard working and today is a new day!!” Yes, it is. And, thank you, Daddy!
Darren has an August ahead of him full of long hours at work, when extra hours are available he takes them.

I’m hoping to be Caller Number Ten today. I’m thinking that the theme is Super. Duty, Dome, Power and Size.

Perfectly Peachy

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

See that smile? I must be doing fine. :)

At the end of the day obviously I no longer make it a regular thing to look back at my day through the blog.

But isn’t that a sweet smile. He’s just such a dear.

My kids are all great, just somehow I come out so tired. Sometime I’ll figure it all out, maybe soon.