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Who Needs Dogs?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

From time to time Darren and I have to remember why it is that a dog isn’t a logical family member to add at the present time.

On my list are: I have no time to potty train a puppy when I’m busy potty training children.
Canine obedience classes? I’m tied up just trying to get my own offspring to sit and stay.

Today I saw another popular dog maintanence field being filled by a child:
Eating scraps from the table.

When you think of it, children and dogs are disturbingly similiar.
Both howl at night for one thing, and the list goes on.

Children are such rewarding companions, I highly recommend raising them. I hear that eventually they do learn all the commands that a dog can. Except play dead, not sure how that would work. Maybe I’m taking this too far.

Bye Bye Butterflies

Monday, September 27th, 2010

For Diederick’s fourth birthday I bought a Insect Lure butterfly kit, of course I lost the certificate right away for a send in to recieve free butterfly larve…Thankfully it was found and we were able to enjoy watching the transformation from larve to chrysalids to butterfly.

Some pictures of Spider Man helping let the one week old butterflies out:

We released them at the nursery across the road from our house.
Deeder there informed me that, “Auntie used to work here when she was a little girl. That must mean that auntie was a little girl last summer!

New Look, Once Again.

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

My last theme seems to have expired, thus a new one. Also a repost of, “Little Gardeners” since my last one didn’t dispay properly.
(pictures clickable to enlarge)

Indoor Days

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Yesterday was rainy for the most part.
And it was through those hours of overcast drizzle that I experienced dismal forethought on what our winter months ahead in all probability will be like. Sunshine and outdoor play seem mandatory to my having a cooporative spirit in the air. The ole, “We’ll go outside as soon as the toys are picked up” won’t mean anything when the mud and rain are too thick for the outdoors to have appeal. Aren’t kids suppost to enjoy mud? Carly does, but Diederick hates it and Koen’s too young to sit outside in the cold wind or play in mucky grass. Thus we end up stuck inside.

Throughout the summer we’ve enjoyed daily visits to the park, that’s out.

Anyone have fun indoor activity ideas? I think it’s time to crack out the indoor craft project books, and stock up on finger paints, and construction paper along with other things. Lets overload on library books and find some groovy tunes to play all day.

I’m already throwing out the, “If you keep doing that you’ll have to go sit in your room” threats, and I don’t even believe in that.

We need to tame the kids constant begging to watch movies and TV shows. I’ve decided that one movie and one TV show should be the limit, but it’ll take a few million times of standing up to this before Diederick and Carly are OK with it. To be fair I’ll have to have alternative activities planned for the whole day.

Having to feed, cloth and clean up (along with wake up all night for the children) takes energy and a hunk of time. Yes, I need a chore list for them. That’ll be something.

I’ve been meaning to write a Five Years post for my marriage–the date just came and went. I’m not sure if it’s flown by, or crawled by. The reality, it’s been busy.

Once again, ideas please!! :)

Dear Blog

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

How I miss you.

I think of you often, dear old friend.

Just wanted to say that I still care.