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   Sep 29

Who Needs Dogs?

From time to time Darren and I have to remember why it is that a dog isn’t a logical family member to add at the present time. On my list are: I have no time to potty train a puppy when I’m busy potty training children. Canine obedience classes? I’m tied up just trying to […]

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   Sep 27

Bye Bye Butterflies

For Diederick’s fourth birthday I bought a Insect Lure butterfly kit, of course I lost the certificate right away for a send in to recieve free butterfly larve…Thankfully it was found and we were able to enjoy watching the transformation from larve to chrysalids to butterfly. Some pictures of Spider Man helping let the one […]

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   Sep 26

New Look, Once Again.

My last theme seems to have expired, thus a new one. Also a repost of, “Little Gardeners” since my last one didn’t dispay properly. (pictures clickable to enlarge)

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   Sep 25

Indoor Days

Yesterday was rainy for the most part. And it was through those hours of overcast drizzle that I experienced dismal forethought on what our winter months ahead in all probability will be like. Sunshine and outdoor play seem mandatory to my having a cooporative spirit in the air. The ole, “We’ll go outside as soon […]

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   Sep 14

Dear Blog

How I miss you. I think of you often, dear old friend. Just wanted to say that I still care.

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