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   Nov 08

Koen’s birthday pictures

It was an evening party, and the whole flash photography thing just doesn’t make anything especially fetching. All the same though, a first birthday is special and there are pictures to prove that we did have a little get together for the big Koen William one year old. Photo of Auntie Lydia taking a cellphone […]

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   Nov 07

My Creation Framework

In writing this I am going to assume that all of us who claim to be part of the church have grown with the view of Creation occuring as a miracle by God’s hand. A perfect world all in six days; all that, everything breathed into being. What a wonder, the detail, the vastness. I […]

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   Nov 02

Friend or Foe?

Friend, of course! Recently I’ve been struck with the stark reality that not everyone in my life is up to docking up any stupidity in conduct to lack of sleep or any of those things umbrellaed under the mother-to-the-young life stage in which I reside. I say untimely things. I haven’t the physical flexability to […]

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