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Oh Quiet Morning

Friday, December 31st, 2010

9:43. Diederick, Carly, and Darren sound asleep. Just Koen and I around the house, and I’m remembering the days when Deeds and I were solemates when we lived in Vermont. For Koen times of his older sibs being around equals such freedom–I notice how much enjoyment he gets over holding their toys, laughing as he goes along playing uninterupted with the things that would be snatched from his hands otherwise.

My 14 month old is an active one! He climbs chairs, and on to the tables, he can get into the bathtub by himself and tries to mount the potty as he sees older brother and sister do. The primary means of commute is still crawling as it has been since Koen was 9 or 10 months old. He can walk, but is smart enough to remember that he’s been pushed over while doing so and seems to figure that keeping low is the best way to go for now.

At my mom and dad’s house Koen chases cats, climbs stairs and sits on poor old Lassie dog who can no longer hear him coming. When the weather is dry enough for Koen to play outside again I know he’ll be chasing the rabbits, and maybe even Grandpa’s chickens? As I watch him have interest in things, develop a language pattern here there I’m so thankful to live near my family so that they can join in on my enjoyment seeing growth in my kids. What a pleasure.

Koen tries to get in on unloading the dishes and folding laundry. He also loves feeding himself in the high chair during meal time and afterward climbing up on the kitchen chairs to the table to finish up his siblings plates. When he climbs he always brings something down and hides it. The recent missing item is Darren’s camera card which rendered a bit of drama, and while having accured yesterday followed by quite a search mission has yet to be found. I hate the, “I can’t having anything for myself” from Daddy, but it looks to be true often. And not just for him, but for Diederick Carly and myself. Those little things that mean a lot are quite tend to vanish, I’m a culprit myself as my house is far from immaculately organized.
I much rather prefer to blame myself than lecture Koen for his magpie tendances. As with (I’d like to believe so) any family we do have an ongoing case of Who Done It around here when some search mission does not end in finding what is lost. The most serious case was that of The Missing Engagement ring. What good is a wedding band without an engagement ring. At the time Koen was too small to reach where I last saw my ring and no one tells of touching it, and it wasn’t found in the sink drain. Thus the case was unsolved and the mostlikely condemned suspect was myself who would certainly not have wished it to be missing. Oh sigh.

9:50. Quiet morning is done, this blog post will be spell checked another time. ;-)
No pictures included since my camera card is also missing.

Chuck E Cheese

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

I get the same bad feeling going to Chuck E Cheese as I do when I let my kids watch too much TV. But once in a while, like too much watching, Chuck E Cheese does happen. And they do enjoy it. If we wait for discounts, it’s only as costly as a trip to McD’s and that is also something we do here and there.

So here, Auntie Kaya is a new blog post.

I’m getting a haircut this morning. That’ll be a blog post. Also coming up an, “Our first snow”

Happy Wednesday. :)