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Lingering Brain Fog

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Right now I’m under the weather. But really Lingering Brain Fog as a title here covers more than that, it’s also my slacking blogging habits over the past three out of five years. As for my current bodily affliction of Brain Fog, it’s the fog over reality in the form of humming ears and chills. The thermostat in our upstairs hall way is insisting that the room temperature is an even 70F. My son says that he’s going to tell his teachers that, “Mommy’s normal voice is all covered up.” I guess that means that my slight case of laryngitis is noticable. For now I have myself armed with ThermaFlu AM and PM (Thanks, Mom) and when my whole body is randomly throbbing somewhere between major head cold and slight case of the flu I still have left over post-pardom perscription whatever it was, this seems like a justifiable time to finish those up. (Yes, I know you’re supposed to throw those out). The first two days I flat ironed my hair and put on my make-up routine, refreshing things when my watery eyes would smudge. From time to time I’d walk in front of a mirror and smile at myself. Uh huh, yes, amongs crying children and ever mounting mess of daily living demanding my attention that actually helps, and I’ll even write that down as you can see here.

By the fourth or fifth day I gave in to the complete bad hair day look that comes from restless attempts at daytime naps, those knapsack saggy eyes and slight appriciation for dead citris in Airborne left over from last year’s cold and flu season.

My kids have been sick too, but thankfully Darren has not.

Koen is the one that I give most attention to as he’s apt to fevers, doesn’t know what to do with himself when conjested and coughs like neither Diederick and Carly ever did. Right now he’s down for a nap, the second out of four that I have come to expect of him over these past few days.
I’m always touched by his calm and pleasant attitute especially during the times of illness when one would expect a child to dispay quite the opposite. Around here he’s know for his smiling face, always such a sweet little baby. (OK, at 16 months now I have to admit that he isn’t an infant anymore, but as long as he’s the youngest he is a baby).

My Carly can be such a grumpy chicky, always the princess of drama. I know she has a runny nose and sweats at night–I change her sheets every morning–but does she really have to demand and complain? Carly however doesn’t make a complete full time occupation of fussing; give her a cup of cocoa and her favorite TV shows, Caillou and Wow Wow Wubbzy and she’s peaceful.

Diederick came down with a cough on Monday and missed school on Tuesday. His teachers told me that he seemed not quite himself on Thursday so I suppose that the ailment must have started then. He’s still conjested somewhat and sleeping a little longer than usually than he usually would, but he is on the mend for which I am certainly thankful.

As I said, Darren is feeling fine. It may be because he got a flu shot, or perhaps he’s already had a period of annoying conjestion. Within the past ten days he’s done two double shifts–that’s 16 hours without leaving the ER, I don’t know how he can handle that.

Anyway, there it is, a blog post. Enough run ons and comma splices to measure up to my beautiful oraeley writing style? Perhaps I even threw in some extra spelling mistakes for extra credit.

I have some exciting days coming up, hopefully they will turn up on this blog.

By the way, my sister who went to Europe came back. Then she moved away. See you in a couple weeks, Teesey. Diederick and I are looking forward to meeting up with you again.