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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Carly suggested we buy coffee in dandilion currency as we had insufficient funding at hand. Conversation on that while at the park–Carly: “We get coffee and a ‘suck-ah’ please, Mom?” Me: “No, Car, I didn’t bring any money today.” C: (Draws invisible dollar bills out of her pocket) “Tah Dah! What about this?” Me: “Nope, sorry. Maybe next time.” Not ready to give up any enthusiasm she quickly swooped up a nearby patch of her favorite flowers, “These’ll work for sure!” We didn’t try.

Diederick explained to his sister than in the game of Cooties, the winner is the one who, “Turns it into a ‘Cutie’ first.” Carly, “But what cutie” Deeder: “Be quiet, I’m trying to focus on you.”

Koen continued to display his immunity to the elements by doing his utmost to resist coming in doors despite the cool wind and drizzle in which he’d been playing hard for a great length of time; his physical appearance was that of a runny nosed sleepy toddler yet his will could match that of an antarctic mountain climber (ok, maybe not quite).

And Mommy. Is thankful for sunny days and good health, looking forward to Daddy coming home. Behind on laundry once again, glad there’s always tomorrow to finish up today. There are fun pictures on the camera card, just waiting to be put on the computer and paired with fun blog posts, but it’s 10:22 and there are other things to be done before the night is over…such as browsing through Facebook for no reason other to press the, “Like” button on your status.

And Daddy. Tomorrow’s his day off work, maybe he remembers the wellness checks he has to take Carly and Koen to. After those he’ll check to see if the grass is long enough out front to mow and no doubt mention how long it’s taking for the grass in the planter box to die.