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   Sep 22

girl names girl names girl names

Right now the baby’s name is Abby Joy. But for me it’s so simple, a little too simple. So I still spend time with my nose in the baby name book. Aanor Kharmen Kerstyn Lenya Maitilde Renae Dailen Phoebe Jocelle Abbe, Abby, Abbie, Abigail Joy, Joille, Jocelyn Some couples enjoy keeping the name a secret […]

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   Sep 17

Welcome, Baby Bird

A video and a couple pictures for you at the end of my very tiring day at which I have extra little to show for my ever so extensive measures to maintain peace and sanity. The answer, tonight, as with many others is simply stay up late and clean what didn’t get cleaned and straighten […]

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   Sep 14

It’s a GIRL!

I’m not including the gender image–kind of a do unto others type thing. :) We’re so excited to be welcoming another baby girl into our family. Don’t tell Darren I said so, but I’m almost positive I saw him cry when Diederick gave the news of the baby’s gender. Hurray for happy Daddy, and for […]

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   Sep 13

The Day Before The Day

Tomorrow we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. The excitement is running high–my kids and I are really into looking at names as we talk about what we’re having. Darren on the other side of things absolutely refuses to hear any of our ideas until after we really know the baby’s […]

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   Sep 09

Sprinkler Fun

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