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Abegayle’s Here

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Abegayle Joy arrived on Saturday at 1:33pm. I started laboring at 11pm Friday night and went in what felt like 10 am in the morning. I didn’t take much opportunity to glance at the clock, actually I didn’t count contractions being a steady three minutes apart before getting in the car with Darren and my mom to head for the hospital. For me it was just a night full of getting up and breathing for contractions, then eventually I left my bedroom and settled in the recliner tired of getting up. At delivery room triage they told me I was 9cm. That’s good. An eternity later my baby came out. There are details, like extra pain and length of the delivery being due to the baby still needing to turn as she descended. I remember twice, three times, maybe more someone saying that the baby was coming now, him coming then my feeling nothing for minutes on end. He’d leave and then I’d start feeling like I really really needed to poop. And then he’d be there again. Eventually that baby did come out. Yes. And that’s what I have to say about that.

Also, hospital food doesn’t suck. It’s absolutely delicious.