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   May 28

Ice cream and Big birthday girl

Carly’s four this year. The poor chickie is pretty confused! If you are a year older each time you’re given a party, this year she should be turning 4, 5 and 6. First, “It’s your birthday!” was at school. Second, “Happy birthday, Carly!” was yesterday at Grandpa and Gramma’s, and on Saturday we’re having friends […]

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   May 21

I feel you, man.

It’s the Common and Similar that bind people together. And would you agree that Different between peoples often causes Intrigues, and Offence? My life’s about Jesus and what he’s done for me. It’s about Hope on the other side (Psalm 31). My love is see my children fold their hands look up and say, “God, […]

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   May 18

Abegayle is 3 Months Old

She smiles sweetly and says, “Ahh goooo” in the most pleasant way for anyone who gives her a moment of attention. My Abbie weighs in just a little over 12lbs. She doesn’t mind wearing big dresses for church or playing dress up.

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   May 15

Morning Snuggles

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   May 14

Call it Love

Tonight I’m sitting amid a mess, the usual mess. There’s more down the stairs, and then more stacked around the washer in my basement and through the playroom and office. In the next hour I’ll have it all put in order to be turned over again tomorrow. Sticky counter tops, table with dinner remnents. We […]

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