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TImelessly Today

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, the next day.

I want someone to babysit the Wednesday after next. Come over at 3, if you can.

I have a haircut with Amber at 2 next Wednesday.

40 to 60 days.

Yesterday my people went to clean the church so certainly today must be Sunday.

But at 8am, my house around me looks like the aftermath of Sunday plus left overs of Saturday.

So how’s your Monday going?

But wait, it’s Sunday. I’d better wake the children and put on the clothes that I should have ironed on Saturday. Better start the oatmeal, because that’s what they always want on Sunday, why are my frying pan and eggs out? That’s Saturday’s breakfast.

40 to 60 days.

It’s Saturday, and it’s timelessly today.

He Counts the Number

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Of all the stars, He names them every one.

There’s a fantastic blog post here, I’ll try to find it. It’s about how f*cked up this world is; the incredible hope that Christian’s have to hold onto, how GOD has a plan for even those who seem forgotten. No one slips out of HIS signt, loses purpose.

I wanna talk about “Sand of the Sea” analogy that’s brought up over and over throughout Scripture to show weary followers of Christ that HE will provide–not only provide but bless tremendously beyond human imagination.

It’s rainy outdoors, and my heart is thick with dark sadness over something that’s transpired near to me without my seeing it, years and years ago. Is crying or trying to understand worth while? No. Because Jesus layed down his life for sinners, for individuals who hurt, who sin, who lie, who keep silent when they should have called out. It’s for those, and for those who look back rather than forward that HE is here to redirect.

Maybe this isn’t for me to write, I get stuck right here. When I turn back from where I’m sitting hoping for a stronger thought to tell you exactly what I mean I see the number of things that Jesus has for me to take care of.

The once again messy kitchen, the floors that need sweeping (again), it’s 9am and I don’t know what I’ll serve for lunch in three hours. Down stairs is the laundry, three clean basket full waiting to be sorted, folded and put away. My three sleeping children will need to be greeted by a happy mother who is ready to serve them up some thing nutricious and delicious.

You know what?

GOD calls me to be faithful in these things.
He knows my name, that I am frail and that I need to be brought up in HIS word. Daily, every minute of the day he brings me to my knees where I want only guidence, over and over reasurance that there’s a picture bigger. A puzzle perfect, so much more true than the one that I always thought that I saw. Light where there was darkness.

Sixteen years can’t be reclaimed, but it can be redeemed. How in Heaven can I put that on as a last tagline?
How can someone who came out unscathed by GOD’s murcey feel hurt and betrayed? But best of all, GOD has a master plan, the ability to provide humility.

Any English teacher worth anything would say that you can’t give a line up of questions without giving an answer. That teacher whould be right.

But that’s just it, isn’t it? What happens when GOD’s creatures lie, keep silent and hurt each other.
That guy named Adam that I talked about a few posts ago–spiritual pain, mental fear and human frailty all relate back to him and the punishment that he brought subsequently on all of us.

My verse of hope this morning is from Proverbs 12.

The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue [is] but for a moment. Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counsellors of peace is joy.

If you’re feeling pain, I hope this is worth reading.
I hope you’ll find that something to carry on.
Do know that GOD will carry you through your sadness, confess and believe, turn not back to lies and seek to know what Jesus has for your future.

When you find it, don’t look back. Look forward, walk forward. And, please, tell me about it when you’ve found your way so that I too will further be brough out of this slough of sadness. I ache for you.

Also, I’m not erasing this post.
If I could do away with something, I’d presently pick the mess of daily living that once again is mine to take care of.