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Yana’s Treasure Chest

Monday, August 27th, 2012

The auction for Yana has been moved from an Event on my Facebook page to a Page of it’s own.

Hope for Yana: An Orphan Fund Raiser

To specify on the workings:

I have asked people to put in pictures of their item, with a description, end of auction date and beginning bid.

If you see something that you would like,

Please immediately write in under the picture as a comment a bid higher than the donation’s suggested first bid. If your bid is matched and raised, and you think that you would like to go on, do so.

When the date of the auction’s end arrives, by that midnight I will close the auction.

Your winning will be mailed out first thing in the morning following my proof that you have donated the total of your final bid to Yana’s adoption fund.

Example: Beautiful, Brown, Batik Masterpiece Quilt Is won at $70, you must go directly here See Sweet Yana? You’re in the right place. Make your $70 donation. Reece’s Rainbow will send you a nice receipt which you’ll forward to me. Also, send me your address…I’ll give that to the vendor who will promptly mail out your winning.

Event to Page. The change from Hope for Yana: An Orphan Fund Raiser was a recommendation from other woman who are working to raise money for children also involved with the RR program. Basically, the Auction is more public this way. An item not won, will be relisted with a new Auction Ending date, other items may be added and on and on. You invite your friends and they add more cool stuff.. Without having to add me as a friend. :-)

Hopefully this sounds easy, and together we can bring further Hope to Yana by growing her fund.

Next blog post? “How to Catch Yana” and “Who is Reece?”

Do ask! Heh. All for now!

Young Yana

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

This little girl is something so special to me.

Out of the millions of orphans in the world it’s this one-year-old from Russia that has captured my heart so deeply. I was sent four pictures of the little doll when I signed on to be her Guardian Angel through Reece’s Rainbow. There’s a new picture of my Yana available, directly through the Russian government’s public adoption service website where all available children are listed both for domestic and international adoption. Click here and tell me you don’t feel limited. Hitting the translate button offered by my web browser I see that the text around Yana say,

“St. Petersburg

Brothers and no sisters

Possible forms of the device:
adoption, guardianship, foster family

She was born in May 2011

Gray eyes

Light brown hair

The character is calm”

That’s my beautiful girl.

I just look at this picture again and again, of Yana’s little body in those soft jammies, her hand up and a near smile in her baby eyes. I imagine how she’d feel to pick up and draw close.

I have four other baby pictures of this sweet little girl.

She’s one among so so many who has been left by her parents for reasons including being born with Down Syndrome.
On Reeses’s Rainbow, the non-for-profit organization where I first saw Yana’s picture (seen in my last blog entry) there is a In Loving Memory selection at the bottom of the drop down subtitles under the “About Us” of RR. There are 33 images of beautiful children spanning Eastern Europe who have died during the short time that they were held up for adoption–taken home to be with Jesus before they found their way into the arms of loving Mom and Dad here on Earth.

Consider being aprayer warrior, or guardian angel on Reece’s Rainbow. Raise money, advocate through bringing awareness of children with special challenges. God has a plan for each of His children–not one should slip unseen into and out of this world, He sees them. Do you?

For the first time ever, I’m trying my hand at fund raising. So far it’s just a shaky beginning–I try to think that every penny counts. And it does, but 35,000 to $40,000 to bring Yana home? That’s a lot of money. So far there is $623.50 Join my auction, if you’d so desire! Write a comment and I’ll let you know how to enter something, and how to view what is up for auction. :-)

Yana is in Russia. Adoption from Russia, one of the most restrictive districts for Eastern Europe. No one has made an obligation to bring her home. Precious time is passing by that Yana should be spending in loving care, with appropriate physical therapy and whatever else she would require to thrive.

What’s my hopefully joyful conclusion to this post?

I’m just praying for this baby that God would direct someone out there to become her parent through the gift of adoption.

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven…In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.” Matthew 18

Finding another part of my heart

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This is Yana of St. Pete’s Russia

And these are my boys in the Ukraine. Neil is 6 (born the same month as Diederick), Jeremiah will be 5 in December, Barnabas will be 4 in October (same month Koen turns 3) and little Logan is 2 (with a Febuary birthday like my Abegayle)

Yana is 1 year old and has Downs Syndrome but is otherwise healthy.

Yana’s parents are alive, but do not want her…
The boys parents died this year, never to see or celebrate another birthday with their handsome young sons.

My heart goes out to these children and were I 35,000 dollars richer, and 35,000 again I would have them all. Nine kids to put to bed at night, 9 to dress for church, nine to keep together at the park.

But once again, GOD says no. Be faithful in little. Pray. Bring my little children unto me.