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   Oct 27

Breaking up Cobwebs: Another New Beginning.

I’m going to dust myself off and pick up that ole writing thing that I take a swing at every blue moon. Because, remember, I Wanna Be a Writer SO. I’m intending to do the National Novel Writing Month Project this year! It’s a chance to channel writing into legible form. My choosing to do […]

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   Oct 18

The Realist

Not only does Diederick have a new interest in drawing, he loves it and is becoming more and more detail oriented in his work. My six year old wants to have everything true to life as best as he is able. Tuesday I found him taking a picture of his face then carefully making an […]

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   Oct 14

Also, I’m Not Quitting

It’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about my last blog post’s title. If I had a Facebook page for this blog, I wouldn’t be proud of saying that. My kitchen is every night far from spotless. My daughter says that she prefers her room messy. So what? That’s not the end, every day is a […]

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   Oct 12

I’m Not Good Enough

I missed posting about that Big Boy’s first day of school. I didn’t take pictures of the paintings that he brought home; I haven’t bragged about how well my Big Girl is doing in preschool. I haven’t told you that my Baby Girl is Seven months old now, that she has five teeth and weighs […]

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