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   Dec 31

Hello, 2013.

Wow, this 2012 was full of joy, sorrow and just amazement at the workings of the Heavenly Father. This year I would like to sharpen up my act on parenting, housekeeping, cooking, etc. This past spring I discovered an additional passion–helping raise funds for children who have no home abroad. I’ve seen Yana committed to […]

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   Dec 28

Where’s the Remote?

My posts are one sentence long–I save them, come back and can’t remember why I thought whatever it is isn’t so important as to take up an hour of my time. Truth be told, that one little hour that it takes to write and proof read a decent post is so easily filled with the […]

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   Dec 07

What a Month!

Its been a whirl wind of aspirations all thrown up in the air all in one big tizzied space of four weeks. I remember when I was young my mom taught us time and time again that if ever we got separated from her to just sit down exactly where we were and wait to […]

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