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Hello, 2013.

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Wow, this 2012 was full of joy, sorrow and just amazement at the workings of the Heavenly Father.
This year I would like to sharpen up my act on parenting, housekeeping, cooking, etc. This past spring I discovered an additional passion–helping raise funds for children who have no home abroad. I’ve seen Yana committed to and the Four Brothers swept away by a family who already had five children.
This is just yet another avenue for me to see that Jesus watches over children. The four brothers are being adopted out of Ukraine, Yana from Russia, and now I am after a young lady from Bulgaria.
On Reece’s Rainbow her name is Marnie. Her health profile calls her Sonja, and in the video made in her orphanage to be viewed by prospective adoptive parents her name is Sophka which she seems to respond to.

So there it is–Aside from committing to further serve my family as wife and mother I will see Sophka home. As far as money, her account holds $1000–to fulNly funded she needs $26-28,000 for both parents travelling.

In this next year: Diederick will go into 1st grade, Carly will enter Kindergarden, Koen will do his first year of preschool. My sister Rebecca will have her first baby WOOHOO! Will Abegayle walk by her fist birthday in February? Good things happen in February! Oh, for example my brother Michael is getting married–my dad will be 60, my twin and I will be 28 and my little sis Kayla will be 25. It’s also Sophka’s 6th birthday. Sept 11, 2013 I’ll celebrate my 8th anniversary. Bring it on, 2013! Lets get started…NOW!

ps: No photos because I keep getting an error message on adding media. My poor unused blog. I still love you, Thanks for being there all of these New Years. ;-)

Now back to the laundry and dishes.

Where’s the Remote?

Friday, December 28th, 2012

My posts are one sentence long–I save them, come back and can’t remember why I thought whatever it is isn’t so important as to take up an hour of my time. Truth be told, that one little hour that it takes to write and proof read a decent post is so easily filled with the static that consumes me. Oh well.

So hey, tonight I want to talk about the talk that happens between my husband and I. We’re a great team, we really are–that despite the mood swings I’ve throw at the guy through pregnancies and whatnot. He’s still there, ready for when I need him. From time to time I like to pick myself up from I like to call, the daily grind and notice the most commonly exchanged conversation. Darren’s home at midnight, it’s been that way for the whole 7 years that we’ve been together. When we had no children I would try to stay up to see him. Now I try to get to bed before he’s home, because I know I’ll be up until 2am if I’m up at 11:45 when my darling comes home.

Sometimes to have that accomplished I just block myself off from coming out to the kitchen, forcing myself to close shop so to speak. There was this one time when he turned on all the lights and loudling came through the house saying, “Hello? Hello? Anyone here?” He’s used to seeing me more often then not up wiping down the kitchen or toiling under that ever mounting pile of laundry.

Oh Dang! I just forgot what the heck was so cool about this post!!!!!!!!

What I really want to write about is my infatuation with Reece’s Rainbow and the beautiful children on it. Especially Marnie from Bulgaria, and Armand from Taiwan. Armand is blind, Marnie has Down Syndrome. I also want to tell you that the little girl from St Petersburg Russia has been added to the My Family Found Me page on RR. Unfortunately Russia is in the midst of putting into effect a ban against adoptions by American families. The 4brothers from Ukraine that I posted about were committed to by a family in Kansas who shortly learned that the boys were in the midst of an adoption by a family in the UK. The lesson here is not that God says no, it’s that he says, “I have a better way

Where’s the remote? Under the blanket.

I don’t know. What’d you do today?

What a Month!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Its been a whirl wind of aspirations all thrown up in the air all in one big tizzied space of four weeks.

I remember when I was young my mom taught us time and time again that if ever we got separated from her to just sit down exactly where we were and wait to be found. Guess what–it almost always worked. Of course rule only works if someone is looking for you, but isn’t that just another story for another time.

Anyway, with these last few weeks it’s turned out that the best thing to do is just skip writing about what’s going on. Wait, wait for decisions to be made then rejoice or pout with credibility.
So, if the world were flat, I suppose it could be said that I have dropped off the face of earth in the blogosphere. Not the first time!! Potentially exciting (for me) writing to come soon. I’m not good with any kind of suspense.

In partial application Psalm 46:10. “Be still 7503, and know 3045 that I [am] God 430: I will be exalted 7311 among the heathen 1471, I will be exalted 7311 in the earth”