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   Jan 29

You’ve got Spinach in Your Teeth

Warning: Idiot present! DUDE??? Why didn’t you tell me. What? I needed to be told? That piece was so big, I should have felt it myself! So, I told you that this little girl is named Sophka. Honestly, somehow, I didn’t think of the idea that Marnie was a fake name to cover a real […]

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   Jan 26

Not his birthday, but what a flash back…

I really want to write, but I’m not on the computer that has my most recent pictures. So here I have one 6 1/2 years ago, against one 1 month ago. Of course I don’t need a second to find something to say about this first born of mine! Of my kids, it’s Diederick who […]

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   Jan 21

Mary Kay’s Online and Helping

I’m happy to announce that the fund raising efforts are beginning. Instead of focusing exclusively on Marnie, I want to also support awareness for Bulgarian orphans with Down Syndrome older and younger. This fund raiser will be to profit equally parted between the three girls is by Mary Kay’s consultant Heather Burger. She’s a successful […]

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   Jan 21

Why Down Syndrome

When people have a Cause it’s usually something that has effected their life in a physical way. They’ll talk your ear off, so passionate about the subject that they have no idea how annoying they’ve become. Either that, or it’s something that EVERYONE who is anyone talks about such as breast cancer. Example on causes […]

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   Jan 20

Abegayle Joy: 11 Months

This darling little dumpling of mine is ONE next month??? YES. With my others I have either been really anticipating them growing into a stage, or wanting to hold onto where they are. With Abegayle I just enjoy watching her discover. Everything that she does comes easily. She’s careful and steady. For lack of a […]

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