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You’ve got Spinach in Your Teeth

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Warning: Idiot present!

DUDE??? Why didn’t you tell me. What? I needed to be told?
That piece was so big, I should have felt it myself!

So, I told you that this little girl is named Sophka.

Honestly, somehow, I didn’t think of the idea that Marnie was a fake name to cover a real name. Her name is one thing on the health summary that I was sent, another thing on the video that I was sent, the secret password including the name given for the same girl’s matching on Reece’s Rainbow. I was puzzled, did you follow that? Well I didn’t, I was just confused on how one kid could have so many names. I thought that I asked the program director for the country, but I must not have because it was her that informed me of my mistake after she found the Facebook page that I created as a platform for fund raising for, “Marnie”


All of this after I took an evening to set up a fund raising page. Only the profiled information shown on Reece’s Rainbow many be given out. Nothing else. After her name is #29-8. “#” indicates what country she is from, which is to be refered to as, “B” and the number following that I believe indicates what agency she is available through.


Looking in the mirror, I think I got my adoption social phobia scrutiny flossed away.

Inside the ache is still pounding into my ego.

A few days since this shake up, I’m totally stealing someone’s hilarious comic of a friend telling her comrade that spinach is well, in her teeth.

If you noticed my spinach…why didn’t you tell me? It’s likely this will happen again, I’ve been known to leave my house without having looked in the mirror. Maybe I’d better change my ways.

Well, lesson learned. Only expose the personal identity of the children legally yours.

Should I create secret alter ego identies for Diederick, Carly, Koen & Abegayle?

You know what? That’s a great idea! Accepting ideas. 1. 2. 3. GO!

Also, if you have spinach–either literal or otherwise–I sware that I absolutely will tell you.
Please, I expect no less from you. I have plenty of floss, and a mirror…just tell me where to look.


Not his birthday, but what a flash back…

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

I really want to write, but I’m not on the computer that has my most recent pictures. So here I have one 6 1/2 years ago, against one 1 month ago. Of course I don’t need a second to find something to say about this first born of mine!

618314-R1-045-21148650_10152457178990425_1588433065_nOf my kids, it’s Diederick who I have the most vivid memories, here are a couple that make me go, “Oh wow, that baby turned into this big guy???”

He’s still gives hugs and kisses and plenty of “I love you Mommy”s

Diederick enjoys taking things apart with care and can put them back together following illistrated instruction.

He tells me that his favorite at school is art, and spends so much time with legos and his big white board. His ability to draw is improving all the time, sometimes I catch him copying down in picture what he has just built. If I had it on this computer I’d put up pictures that he has taken of his lego structures. :)

Diederick has always had things to say that made me smile and just need to share his wit with the world. Often, more often than not, it’s his perceptions of the ordinary. It’s either eye opening or embarrassing, sometimes both. That continues to be the case as he grows. Example from yesterday upon his arriving home from school. “Mom, I’ve got bad news. The crayon hog girl is a tell on now too.” Me: “Oh really? Well what’s her name?” D: “I don’t know; she just hogs the pens and stuff.” So she sits at his table for how long and he only knows her for hogging crayons. Nice.

Mary Kay’s Online and Helping

Monday, January 21st, 2013

MK banner

I’m happy to announce that the fund raising efforts are beginning. Instead of focusing exclusively on Marnie, I want to also support awareness for Bulgarian orphans with Down Syndrome older and younger. This fund raiser will be to profit equally parted between the three girls is by Mary Kay’s consultant Heather Burger. She’s a successful beauty consultant, but will be up against a challenge working exclusively through the Internet! It’ll be exciting to see how this works out. :)

She’s researching ideas for the party. I will post the web address of where it’ll be held. Anyone out there use Mary Kay products? I thought it appropriate since the fund raising effort is for girls, right?

Above is the banner created by my co-host, owner and designer of Snap-EZ Diaper who introduced me to Reece’s Rainbow. She also hooked me on cloth diapering!

The online Mary Kay party to benefit Marnie, Priscilla, and Millie is planned to run the month of February.

Why Down Syndrome

Monday, January 21st, 2013

When people have a Cause it’s usually something that has effected their life in a physical way. They’ll talk your ear off, so passionate about the subject that they have no idea how annoying they’ve become. Either that, or it’s something that EVERYONE who is anyone talks about such as breast cancer.

Example on causes that might be expected of me as follows.
Promoting epilepsy awareness month. Maybe posting pictures of myself breastfeeding on breast feeding awareness month? ;) Wow, I could totally eat this whole box of frozen cookie dough. Hmm. Perhaps I should like OtisSpunkmerey on Facebook…

Anyway, I’m wrapped up in caring for the children of Reece’s Rainbow.
I think of them relentlesly. I’ve become one of those people who quite likely has been put on ignore by FB friends because I post about the same subject again and again. What happened to my infatuation with reading my children’s development updates on I still do that.

Why Down Syndrome?
I don’t know. I’m sure that I had a fantastic answer when I dreamed about writing this post last night.

The truth, dear friend, is that I’m inspired by people who care about need, that’s always been the case. More than care, people who reach out. Reach out of their own time, their own comfort and jump in to help others who are taking on the act of kindness to lend a hand to families who are try to (in this case) bring hope and a new home to children with disabilities.

Down Syndrome interest started when I first saw Yana of St Petersburg. I was struck by her likeness to my own babies, a love for a baby abroad was born!

In my room I have the book Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier It’s a wonderful read! I absolutely recommend Natalie Hale, she has such a fun style of writing. There are so many other titles out there under the subject of DS that I would love to get my hands on.

It’s a new interest, and I’m thankful that for whatever reason He had in mind, that GOD lead me to this world. It’s something that I’d love to have a deeper involvement in, in the mean while what a blessing to get to follow blogs by families who lives have become so much richer with the addition through adoption or by birth of a child with Down Syndrome.

Upcoming: An online Mary Kay fundraiser party to benefit Marnie, Millie and Priscilla.

The fundraiser will only give 10% to each girl account, but the awareness that the party might bring is worth the effort. I’ll come back with details when I have a consultant willing to do this.

Scroll down my sidebar to see pictures of each of these girls. Millie has been listed on RR for 1 year, with a number of inquires but no commitments. She has $25,000 in her account. Priscilla was just listed last week and is already loved by many. Keep these Bulgarian girls in prayer. God sees and loves them!

Abegayle Joy: 11 Months

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

This darling little dumpling of mine is ONE next month??? YES.

With my others I have either been really anticipating them growing into a stage, or wanting to hold onto where they are. With Abegayle I just enjoy watching her discover. Everything that she does comes easily. She’s careful and steady. For lack of a better way to discribe my bundle of sweetness I’m left to say that she’s responsible! This sweetie faces daily danger! From being potentially stepped on to being hauled around my her 3 year old brother, she’s seen it all.

Abegayle just had her wellness check up three weeks ago and weighs in exactly where her brother Diederick was at age 12 months. Funny thing: That was 15th percentile back then, now it’s 10th. Did America just get heavier?

The stats for Abegayle: Weight 17lbs (10%) Height: 29.5 (77%) HC: 45CM (60%)

She can do everything on the physical activities check list gross and fine motor. She babbles (although we’re all sure she addresses us by name), smiles and laughs–and eats anything. I actually found her chewing away at a couple peppers–one in each hand :)

Abegayle acts in her own time, I suppose all my kids have that in common. I guess we make them independent?

There is nothing random for Abegayle. The way that she looks at the stair case, she knows somehow the danger that is posed there for young climbers and will not desend a flight. She faultlessly climbs the stairs, having never once made a mistake. Before putting weight on anything, even to pull herself up. She pats her hand against it, then if it passes her steadiness test she ventures to reach up and pat again. Only then will she lift her body to standing and push forward.