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   Jul 22

Another Darling

Meet Hannah, a little girl in Ukraine who desperately needs a family as she’s being transferred to a mental institution imminently now that she is five years old. She’s healthy, well liked and active, what a beautiful daughter she would be. Adoption in her country is reasonable and fast, the process beginning to end well […]

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   Jul 15

more Darren

So I’m still thinking about Darren, reading more about Hydrocephalus; the little girl that I’m going to introduce to you in my next post has the same condition and is facing being moved to an adult mental institution if not adopted soon as she has just turned 5 years old which is the age that […]

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   Jul 09


No, not the love of my life who I’ve had the privilage of being married to for 7 1/2 years, but another special little dude. This fella came into the world March 2010. I know nothing about him, aside from what country he lives in and that he has the diagnosis of Hydrocephalus. Otherwise known […]

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   Jul 08

Hot Diggity!

(ND, 2013) I thought you were gone, Oraeley.com You were entirely unaccessable, dear friend for what seemed a better part of forever creating a deep blah in my bits of whatever it is that I do all day. I felt so empty without you, space in cyberspace that has been with me for 8 years […]

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