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Vlogging Reboot & Diederick

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

(update thoughts at the bottom)

Tomorrow when I get a quiet moment, during daylight hours preferably, I’m going to do a video blog entry. Now that I have a new camera and invested in a little tripod this time, I may get to do that. The last time I tried talking into the camera was actually 2011, which is a little while ago now.

Tomorrow we’re going to the neurologist for Diederick. This will be his 3rd visit with our local pediatric neurologist. My seven year old son was diagnosed with epilepsy August 2013 and has had two EEG’s total so far. The first to confirm that he does have seizure activity, the second to monitor during a sleep deprived testing the effectiveness of his medication. Tomorrow will be his time to talk to his doctor about how he is feeling. Darren and I are fresh out of a meeting with Diederick’s 1st grade classroom teacher in which the special education teacher and the principal were a part of. It’s a preliminary meeting to potentially establishing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for him. His learning is lagging, but more concerning to me is the side by side work comparison from work from kindergarten to 1st grade performance. During my video I’ll hold up examples, I am not sure how clearly they will show. My sweet boy is even struggling in the order of letters in his name and can hardly draw.
He’s creative, imaginative, excited to learn, but when I look at the page, the effort to spell what he already should know…not that my heart breaks easily, but I do have a sinking feeling. I just want to pick him up and guide his hand, whisper into his head so that the words stick and give his finger the dexterity to put them on the page.
My son had to do summer school last year and this year goes to “learners club” with the Spanish speaking children who are working on their English. He thinks he’s going because the teacher wants him to learn Spanish!
When he leaves for school I say, “Be smart, Diederick, listen really well an don’t forget that it’s better to not finish than to make messy work.” No matter how our morning has been he has a, “Don’t worry, Mama, I’ll be smart!” If he is in good spirits he has a cute comment to add and if I’m lucky that big smile and a giggle. Really, I believe he tries with all of his might to do what he can and however that looks to the world, I am proud of my boy.

When he hangs his head I get down and give this boy who still loves his Teddy a hug. Come out, brilliant boy, I know you’re in there! Deed’s is awesome, I love him so much…that’s what my tired fingers feel like typing right now.
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UPDATE: Gosh, guys, I feel pretty criticized. Tam, my son’s situation is not based on my saying in the morning, “Be smart” He actually needs help. Darren, apparently in this post somewhere I said that I get a sinking feeling. By that I mean that I consider that there might be additional needs that we haven’t seen yet. I love that we have caring people in his life that can guide us through advocating for this young man in what they call early intervention. Mitch, should I go through and initial all my kids names? I don’t believe I’ve spelled out their names in entirety which is what would make my blog show up on a search.